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The Eternal Lake

High atop the Shivius mountains resides a the Eternal Lake where all freshwater on Savorah originates, there are a great many rumors and legends about this place but one thing that is largely agreed upon is that anyone who travels up that mountain never returns. Many tales do claim a friend of a friend, or a distant relative knew someone who had gone up and come back.   One of the many rumors is that the lake is linked to the elemental plane of water and that is why it never runs out despite being the source of freshwater for the entire continent.   A very popular story told is that the mountain is protected by an otherworldly mist, different from the Gravefog of Ursand, this mist seems intelligent, and once it closes in around you, you are lost forever. Either your body found slashed to ribbons or simply gone as if you wandered off your path into some other place, some believe the enigmatic Mist Elves are to blame for people never returning from the mountain. Some stories end here with the friend of a friend or distant relative saying they woke up in a forest hundreds of miles away and came home with no knowledge of how they got there. While other stories continue to say why the mountain is so protected, it is a common belief that the waters of the Eternal lake act as a fountain of youth, able to restore anyone who bathes in them to youth and preserve that youth eternally, another that if you place someone sick in the waters they will be cured, and others believe the waters confer invulnerability. Some mages have sought out the Eternal Lake based on rumors that it can grant even a novice the powers of an Archmage, and that those mages who went on the journey ascended to some new level of power and left the material world.


The basics of many of the stories are that the mountain is protected by an otherworldly force determined to not let anyone near the Eternal Lake. That the lake also has mystical properties that are highly sought after but also believed to be a fool's errand.


These stories have traveled far and wide to nearly every corner of the Mortal Empires of Savorah.

Cultural Reception

The Draz Tyran often chuckles at these stories when they hear them, being one of the few races capable of flying up high enough to be able to see the Eternal Lake, and their long lifespans make the idea of a fountain of youth amusing to them.   The Mortal Empires often view these stories as just that, no basis to them except that no one goes up the Shivius Mountain, partly because of how treacherous it is to climb, and perhaps some small fear of just maybe the part of the mountain being guarded is true.


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