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Within the sphere of Belthuran resides the world Habrea (Ha-Bray-Ah) the center of the sphere of Belthuran, the linchpin of the Great Binding that orders the planes of the cosmos, and more importantly, it is where this setting is based. For while the material plane is vast and has many, many planets and galaxies to explore this is the place where it all starts, where life started before anywhere else.   The world of Habrea is the heart of the Great Binding that holds the alignment of the planes in place siphoning off the energies of chaos, evil, good, law, as well as the elemental energies of reality to create what is known simply as, The Arcane or the weave The Basics of Magic. The Arcane is magic as the world knows it, the combined essence of all energies that are used to fuel the Great Binding and is the very reason for life to exist on the Material Plane. Magic permeates everything within the Belthurian sphere and while not all can weave spells their lives can be enhanced or curtailed by it. Arcane magic is the ideal form of these energies in perfect balance creating something new and greater from the normally incompatible energies. Divine magic focuses on the extremes of Good and Evil, Law, and Chaos but it is still part of the Arcane.   The world of Habrea is no stranger to conflict and its history is stained with blood both mortal and not. A cataclysm has once again forced the world to start anew, from the near decimation of life the people of the world rebuild. While on the surface the world seems calm as most people try to build a greater future for themselves, it is not the case. In this world where magic is key to everything, there is always someone or something eager to manipulate things to their own benefit.   While the entire world will be made available, for now, the story starts where it all began, on the continent of Savorah. The continent of Savorah is the largest and one the bloodiest continents of the world. Its history is one of blood and death and after the great cataclysm and a brief period of a resurgence the world is once again primed for turmoil as old rivalries once more rise, and so do ancient foes. Within Savorah there are two major empires, the Draz Tyran (Dragon Empire) the eldest race rebuilding an empire as old as time itself on Belthuran, and the The Mortal Empires, while not a single nation they are the fractious countries of the mortals often at war with each other.   The Belthurian Dragons are the stewards of magic and maintain and purify it, the efforts of dragon hunters of the past brought them to the brink of extinction before one rose to become the new Tyrannus, the emperor/empress of the dragon empire. Wearing a crown that channels a fraction of the World forger's power the world was brought back from the brink of apocalypse. Then the Tyrannus fell away from the spotlight focusing on the rebuilding of the Draz Tyran.     What happens to Savorah now falls to the champions of the world be they champions of for good or for ill.  

Content Warning

This setting is 18+ and does contain certain topics that are dark and or offensive. These topics are included for the reason of giving the world weight to the evil that lurks within it, while also giving something that can be fought against and defeated. These topics will be presented as tactfully as possible. Some general themes can include but aren't limited to: slavery, drug use, racism, and sexual themes.   It is my belief that a world needs darker elements to it to be an interesting setting for stories. It doesn't have to be a constant gloomy parade of something horrible always happening but it should be present. The darkness and evil in my world exist to be overcome ranging from prejudice, mustache twisting monologuing villains, to the evil does who cloak themselves in good acts. So yes there are terrible things, they exist to be confronted and help define the heroes against the darkness of the world. There are groups of people whose morality makes them the bad guys thinking they're in the right. There are some examples of a species that is inherently evil, players of that species can use that to struggle against their nature for strong story moments and that is why they are there. A hero is defined by their villain and the evils they stand against. I provide these elements to the players in the world to give them something to become invested against.
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