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A world of high magic where the power of the arcane is forged by the balance of chaos and law, good and evil drawn into the center of the material plane. The Great Binding that holds and binds everything together is formed from arcane energies which give life to the material plane as well as order to the cosmos.   The magic of Belthuran is unique in that it is very strong saturating nearly everything, but also a composite of all the elemental energies of the cosmos. Arcane magic is the ideal form of these energies in perfect balance creating something new and greater from the normally incompatible energies. Divine magic focuses on the extremes of Good and Evil, Law, and Chaos but it still part of what is simply called the Arcane. The Arcane is a realm and entity itself, perhaps even the soul of the sphere of Belthuran, and those who would use it must take into consideration its will and its dangers.   The continent of Savorah is the largest and perhaps the most contested continent of the world it has a long and bloody history and after a great cataclysm and a brief period of a resurgence the world is once again primed for turmoil as old rivalries once more rise, and so do ancient foes. There are two major empires in Savorah, the Draz Tyran (Dragon Empire) the eldest race and empire on Belthuran and the Mortal Empires, while not a single nation they are the fractious countries of the mortals often at war with each other.   The dragons of Belthuran are the stewards of magic and maintain and purify it, the efforts of dragon hunters of the past brought them to the brink of extinction before one rose to become the new Tyrannus, the emperor/empress of the dragon empire. Wearing a crown of godlike power the world was brought back from the brink of apocalypse then fell away from the spotlight focusing on the rebuilding of the Draz Tyran, the dragon empire.   What happens to Savorah now falls to the mortal empires and their champions.

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The maps for this setting were made using the tool Wonderdraft   Further using assets created byElvanos