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To become the Tyrannus is a long journey the life of the dragon is spent in constant tests and battles of dominance and supremacy among the other dragons. Thus far the only dragons who have become Tyrannus are those of the highest tier, the alphas of the dragons. While normally these are the most ancient dragons they are always the ones who have grown the most. A second equally if not more so important requirement is the approval of the Tyrannus Crown itself, this intelligent artifact can measure the ability and worth before they even touch the crown. Should a dragon be found unworthy the crown will not bond with them and will instead scar them for their hubris, this is what happened with the Ashen King when he attempted to usurp his father by assassinating him.


To be worthy of the role of Tyrannus the following are necessary

  One would assume all dragons possess strength, and perhaps a single facet of strength being raw physical or magical power then yes, they do. The kind do strength necessary to become the Tyrannus is physical, magical, mental, and perhaps the most important the strength of spirit. It takes a rare individual to have great power and not seek to misuse it and to be the Tyrannus is to have a truly mind-numbing level of power.
  The wisdom to know when to act and when not to, this is very important to the Tyrannus whose mandate is the preservation of the Arcane energies that hold the Great Binding together. The Tyrannus also knows they could solve nearly every problem of the world with but a thought, eradicate plagues, prevent natural disasters, and so on however, the act of doing so could cause greater calamity later, or make the people of the world dependant on the Tyrannus, which in some way they already are but it would require the Tyrannus to focus away from their primary task.
  The wisdom to know when to act is part of what is needed, the other is knowing how to act when the Tyrannus uses their power, let alone the godly power of the Tyrannus Crown wakes are left behind, like spell turbulence but on a far stronger level. Channeling the power of the Tyrannus Crown to stop some disaster could inadvertently cause another or several others across the world. The Tyrannus must weight the consequences of their action far more than most beings, and choose just the right way to execute their action to not bring undesired destruction.


To become the Tyrannus in most cases requires a formal challenge of the Tyrannus, who can reject a challenge in nearly all cases. To have a challenge be undeniable the dragon must be of the highest tiers of power and have a reputation as a dragon of worth, generally a long list of deeds and actions taken to better the Draz Tyran and or the world, the challenge must also be issued during the month of Yanus to symbolize the start of a new reign. The Tyrannus Crown can also accept the challenge for the Tyrannus. Normally the crown is a shiny gold but if the crown accepts the challenge it loses its luster visibly the power of the crown has withdrawn into itself meaning that the Tyrannus will have to take the challenge on their own, for it is inconceivable that any dragon could overcome the Tyrannus with the aid of the crown.


After whatever challenges are completed the dragon gains the Tyrannus crown which looks like a band of glimmering gold that sits along the horn crest of a dragon until the bonding process begins. This process causes the band to grow out and encompass the entire upper half of the dragon's head, including their horns leaving an opening for the eyes and nostrils. It isn't visible but tendrils of living crystal also fuse into the dragon to unite the powers of the crown and the Tyrannus. Once the bonding is complete, which is at most an hour they are truly the Tyrannus.


As the ruler of the Draz Tyran, the Tyrannus must further the interests of the empire as well as the protection and continued growth of those within the empire. The Tyrannus can issue decrees that are considered as law, can issue wars or edicts without needing the approval of others. While there is a council that handles more minor affairs and could hold the empire together should a new Tyrannus not be discovered they have no true power when there is a Tyrannus.   Should a Tyrannus seek to die or retire from their role they must find a suitable successor who will uphold the values and duties of the Tyrannus, this can be given over to a family member only if the Tyrannus Crown approves them. There is no challenge against the Tyrannus if they choose to abdicate their position, instead those who wish their role will often fight amongst themselves until the best contender arises.   Perhaps the most important duty is that of the guardian of the Arcane, this task has become easier since the creation of the Obelisks of Creation and the ascension of Aren'Valesh but at all times must the Tyrannus work to ensure the protection and safeguarding of the Arcane. The perfect balancing of the celestial, profane, law, and chaos energies that form into the Arcane energy that holds the world together and allows for life to exist.


Immense perhaps even immesurable power to affect change on the world.   Leadership of an empire consisting of Dragons, Kobolds, Drazgorora, and Drazgor.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Tyrannus Crown is the only piece of adornment.


The ending of the First Era when the gods waged war across the surface of Belthuran and threatened the balance of the Arcane was the need for the Tyrannus to be empowered considered and enacted.

Cultural Significance

Many other cultures look upon the Tyrannus as something to be feared, they cannot comprehend the amount of power the Tyrannus wields could destroy the empires of others should they choose. The dragons, in general, are very alien to most other cultures and the leader of the dragons is even more so. This fear is often held by those of high enough power in the world to be aware of the dragon's emperor, the more common folk upon hearing that such an all-powerful being could exist would quickly attribute hate and fear to the Tyrannus. The reason for this is the Tyrannus COULD spare them from suffering, could make their fields always fertile, could stop all the plagues of the world and give everyone a free and happy life, but doesn't.

The past Tyrannus in order.

  • Shorolth'Tiemeth
  • Emelth’Jevrath
  • Tavreth’Kalinth
  • Mekarth’Garuga
  • Kayerith’Vanlith
  • Kayelinth’Erisdar
  • Sharvaulus’Dorathen
  • Khorvus'Malnoir
    • Current
The Tyrannus is currently ruling
A pact between the World Forger, Firstborn, and the dragons
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Equates to
Emperor, Grandmaster, and Living God together are the nearest equivilant to the Tyrannus.
Source of Authority
The Tyrannus is the Living God of the World Forger
Length of Term
For as long as they can keep it.
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