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Work in Progress

  The planet which this setting is based, Earth-like in many ways though larger and with a longer orbit. The year is 427 days long.


Nearing first draft completetion. Should be done Soon™
The Exile Lands In development, map being made and areas designed. Early map below.
The devil infested south pole Concept and basic premise done.
Celestial Atoll Concept
Eastern Lands Concept and basic premise done.
The Sunken lands Concept and basic premise done.
North eastern continent (to saur ia) Concept
(Al-Toy-eh) Concept


Heldahrim Sea
The sea that surrounds savorah that is cut off from the rest of the ocean by the Divide which only allows flying creatures to pass.
Radobhast Sea
The northern sea that seperated Valdaress, the Heldahrim Sea, and Tosauria.
The Ethereal Abyss
The western sea that surrounds Altoyeh, El'Doriss and the Heldahrim Sea
Tellarian Sea
The southern sea that surrounds Ziggara and Khalora.

Celestial bodies


The sun the planet orbits around is known as Igzanar, named that by the dragons and attributed to the prime elemental of fire, it also holds a special place within the 'Birthsigns' of the dragons.  


Kindralth, The Crystal Moon
The emerald moon, the third largest of the moons. It is heavily suspected that Shalzura is fully capable of supporting life, it is rumored to even be the home of the Musealar.  
the second-largest moon is made of Obsidian and is a geologically unstable place with many volcanoes in constant eruption. It is said to be home to an obsidian elemental of great power.  
The smallest of the four moons but possesses a powerful gravitational pull and has been responsible for warding away many rogue asteroids or comets. The surface of this tiny moon is riddled with impact craters.  

Nebula Ring

To compare the solar system to our own where the asteroid belt is there is instead a nebula formed into a perfect ring.

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