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The major city of the province is Düncaster it has become a hub of trade throughout Rhyderia with nearly everything that goes through Rhyderia stops at Düncaster. With the city being such hub for trade and travelers it is no surprise that crime has found its way into the city. Criminal families have a hold on the underworld of the city and have enough power to remain unknown even with the Rhyderian government trying to remove these corrupt and unlawful families. Outside of the city are large stretches of farms owing to the comfortable climate, with the exceptions of seasonal tornados and generally higher winds than the rest of Rhyderia. Düncaster has unique architecture in the form of low to the ground wide domed buildings, or tall torus shaped buildings all bearing Germanic influences.   The crime in Düncaster is more sophisticated as they fleece merchants with inflated tariffs and taxes. Most are smart enough to keep the inflation low to avoid detection but there are some who are notorious for making them massive. There is a rumor of a crime family that lives in Düncaster that employs these ‘Taxmen’ as well as enforcers that deal with troublemakers, mostly robbing them blind, other times leaving their bodies in a ditch.


largely human (56%) and half-elves (23%) with smaller numbers of other races


At least on paper, the Duke of Düncaster rules over the city and the lands of the Verdant Prarie however the Duke's rule is very dependant on the whims of the various criminal families that operate in the city posing as the Duke's council of advisors. Many resent the Duke for not being able to remove the parasites from his rule, others think that the Duke is in charge and shifts blame onto these families.


Stone walls with barred gates, not as well defended as Norvasul and the wall is in disrepair in several locations.

Industry & Trade

The numerous farms around the city produce the most important elements of the trade and industry of the city. Crops and animal products are farmed and sent into the city for consumption or export and things like wool, hides, and so on are refined into bolts of cloth leather and from there turned into whatever else they will be made into. It is also where most lumber in Rhyderia is brought to for making furniture, wagons, and other crafted works.   While much of the city is focused on the industry the merchants of the city are equally as important if not as numerous, likewise, a rare commodity is the true master artisans in the city those sought after to create works of art or status symbols for the elite across Savorah.


Düncaster is home to thriving business culture, skilled artisans work in high-quality workshops, canals bring water through the city and power waterwheels for grinding grain to hammering metal and anything else needed. The buildings are built in such a way to be more resistant to the windstorms and rare tornado that often affect the area.

Guilds and Factions

Crafter's Guild has a very large presence within Düncaster owing to the large amount of industry in the city, they strive to make sure everything being made is of quality and their auditors are notoriously vicious to those shops who fail to live up to the standards of the Guild.   The Ghvaris are a present guard force but they are undermanned and underfunded making their presence merely a token one. Most of the guards of the city belong to one of the various crime families much to the chagrin of the Ghvaris.


Large domed stadium-sized buildings with other smaller buildings and plazas within. Tall torus-shaped buildings arranged in triangular formations with support buttresses between them. Far fewer ‘normal’ style buildings with the fortress of the city a mix of gothic style castle and Düncaster’s pillars and domes. Decoration and aesthetics of the city are Nordic with more stone and wood buildings.


Düncaster is built upon a plain with the nearest hills several miles away, nearby is a large river that feeds the many canals and water needs of the city.

Natural Resources

Large farming communities outside of the city as well as fishing, logging, and even quarries located further from the city.
Large city
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