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Rhyderian Kingdom

Rhyderia is a land troubled by a dark past that helped bring about a cataclysm upon the world. The people of Rhyderia now have dedicated themselves to being better than they were, with a strong sense of morality and honor they try to better themselves and others. The primary faith is that of Sobeyr, one of the names for the Platinum Knight.   The lands of Rhyderia are lush rolling fields, a paradise for horse riders as they can ride freely through the plains. Forests do exist primarily around the major waterways and near the mountains, with small pockets dotting the plains. The region is temperate with very mild winters capable of seeing snowfall but nowhere near as bad as other places further north.          


Just before and during the Dark age, dragon hunting became big business and sport of the nobles and elite of Rhyderia, for what greater beast was there to slay, what greater glory could one hope to gain? With the collapse of the empire, the dragons became scattered and while not powerless their division made them weaker than ever before, the previously unassailable became victims. At the height of the sport, there were colleges dedicated to the practice, and commoners would sign on expeditions and if they returned, they did so with enough coin to feed their families for years. The dragon’s layers were renowned for alchemical and dragon bone weapons that proved very effective at killing their own kind. Many acts of butchery occurred with utter hate towards these creatures as those that hunted in order to quell any dissent against harming the innocent dragons made them to be mindless monsters bent on destruction only. The followers of Sobeyr refused to partake in such unwarranted slaughter feeling it was not a just action to take, this made their faith become weaker over time as the evil of dragons and glory of slaying them was popularized more, until the cataclysm. Despite all that has happened since their fall, there are surely vaults and relics of this time waiting to be found.    

Cult of Raxanis

A cult following one of the demon princes of the abyssal realms, a being of unknowable malice and horror. These cultists were made up of those Rhyderian elites or their servants who somehow were not killed in the cataclysm. They contacted the demon prince Raxanis and were taught necromancy and other profane arts and began a secret war against the world, raising the undead in places of power to profane the flow of the Arcane already further than it was with so few dragons around. It was with the flight of the then-future Tyrannus and the aid of a Rhyderian watch captain who would become the future King that the cult was stopped on the verge of a victory that would have destroyed the world as all knew it, turning it into a profane realm and sundering the balance that held the world together. It was this act that gave the now Tyrannus the desire to see if the Rhyderians could work towards becoming something more than they were, a hard choice as most of his flight, had lost a parent to the Rhyderian hunters of the past.


Rhyderia uses an elected monarchy formed of Dukes, the leadership of each province of Rhyderia. Together these Dukes elect a King who rules the country, the position of Duke is earned through valor and deed but can also be passed along familial lines. It is possible for a Duke to be challenged in ritual combat for the position, but only the Duke's together can elect a King. It would also take a unanimous vote to remove the current King from power if the need arose. Otherwise, both positions are for life or if they can be held, some families have held Dukeship for many generations while others are still new to the role.   King: The King of Rhyderia is the deciding factor in most matters of life in Rhyderia and has the power to weight in on every aspect of society. However, the King is often too busy to tend to minor affairs which are often left to the nobility in the different provinces.   Duke: A duke serves the same function as the King but to their own province within Rhyderia, they must also keep up a standing armed force and enforce the laws and rulings of the King. Should it be required the Duke's can be summoned to the King and must attend this summons or send a trusted representative known to the court if unavailable due to sickness or previous duty, such as leading troops in a battle.   Baron: These lesser lords often have several towns under their watch and a section of land to help run for the Duke's these tend to be high ranking Knights who have earned themselves land and favor from a Duke. Unfortunately, this rank of nobility has proven to have a number of criminal ties being powerful enough to aid criminals but also not powerful enough to be beyond the bribery of such criminals.   Knights: This is what most commoners aspire to become, to become a Knight in one of the orders of Rhyderia is a monumental feat as it elevates a person into nobility, even if it is the lowest level. It is a path traveled by a relative few who make it into Knighthood but the goal is there and achievable which makes it all the more taunting.


Rhyderia has a large focus on honor and chivalry it is very common to see knights in shining armor standing up for liberty and honor. Their culture does not favor one gender over the other as both males and females are fully capable of gaining glory, honor, wealth, and position.

Public Agenda

To strive for honor in all things, to be strong and compassionate, and to always be the pinnacle of humanity.


Silver mines, logging and fishing industry, large farming lands, Fort Arvala, Castle Skycrest, The Ring of Spears, The Cinnara, Ithor's Pass, Rhyderian Freisan (horses), Ghvaris Academy, Calvary (Horse, Gryphon, Roc)


As noble and upstanding as Rhyderia is, there is, of course, the underbelly of crime be it on the road with bandits or in the cities with gangs of low-lifes. There is one major and organized criminal element that operates primarily out of Rhyderia, the Black Mare Syndicate, who run the gamut of illegal activities from pickpocketing to assassinations both domestic and abroad.      


There is a hatred of the Anrasha for their numerous slave raids and general style of life which is at least in the Rhyderian's opinion a vile mockery of true honor. Ormirians are also viewed poorly in Rhyderian society as they tend to care more about money than pride, honor, or anything really. There have been numerous times when Rhyderian's offered aid to people suffering when an Ormirian 'Trade War' was being waged as the Rhyderian's refused to sit back and let innocents suffer over a dispute between the rich and powerful.


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