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Metropolis;     The city of Norvasul is the oldest in Rhyderia being the original capital of the country in the first age, while Sharzelad became a capital for a time in the second age it was short-lived as the city itself was cast into ruins by the rage of the god of vengeance for being the capital of the dragon hunters. The city itself rests on the highest point of the Equus Highlands originally built here to avoid the lowland predators. While there are some farmers most of the industry around Norvasul is lumber and stone quarries. Only the most elite of horse trainers and farriers can enter those trades within the city as it has a reputation as the best providers of horses in the world that is held in very high regard. The buildings of the city are largely stone and wood with stone fences and walls due to the large amounts of both materials near the city, with a few built into cliff faces, the castle being built at the top of the peak.  


Rider’s Rest
The oldest of the districts where the original settlers put down their supplies and chose to make their homes. From the center of this district, the city grew and expanded to where it is now. It remains the central hub of the city where the merchants of the city prefer to do business. Many important features are within the district including the Temple-Court of the Justiciar. The streets of Rider’s Rest are almost always full during the day, buying and selling being most of the traffic but those going to different parts of the city must also transfer through the district. At night the many taverns are filled with patrons from locals to even dignitaries from outside the country. In particular Dwarven dignitaries prefer to rub shoulders with the humans in Rider’s Rest over that of the Platinum Plaza, this has some to do with the large population of dwarves that inhabit the Rider’s Rest working to maintain their embassy and the stonework of the city, but also due to how common working humans and dwarves tend to get along quite well.  
South district
The poor district of Norvasul this is the largest district in terms of population, while the official boundaries of the district stop at the outer wall most refer to the houses and tents south of the city as part of the district for, they are in the same category in terms of wealth and power. Gang and criminal activities in the south district are a common problem the inhabitants must deal with; local guards are often corrupt and only put on a show when inspection comes around from the clergy of the Justiciar
Military ward
The Military ward is made of two districts on opposite sides of the city both have a barracks and horse grounds. This is where the soldiers of Norvasul live and train. Knights of Rhyderia are often brought in to help oversee training.  
Platinum Plaza
The noble district has the lowest population of people in it, while still a full and robust district only the most wealthy and powerful live within the district, though some merchants do have high-end stores in the district as well as lavish inns and brothels. The true gem of the district is the fields dedicated to the raising and training of the most prized commodity in Rhyderia; horses. The Rhyderian Friesian especially are bred and trained here, the stables of this district are responsible for giving nobles, knights, and important figures mounts of unparalleled quality. Even the stables of the district are on par with the most elegant of manors. The district also has the largest peak in Rhyderia which hosts Skycrest castle, the home of the Duke. The Falsoree and Ormirian’s have an embassy within this district, the Ursandians do as well, but it only sees use in emergencies as the Ursandian’s tend to remain where they are. In recent years the tension between Rhyderia and Ormir has seen their embassy well used and closely monitored by the guard, with even Knights standing vigil on it. The Ghvaris Academy is located halfway up and into the peak that Castle Skycrest resides in.  
Castle Skycrest
The tallest building in Rhyderia the fortress that is Castle Skycrest is a work of art from the first age, the ancient Rhyderians made it from white and blue marble with gold trim in gothic fashion the build towers proudly over the domain, on a clear day people say it can be seen from Addersfield. The current King Rhyderia is a human named Hartmut Stricker a paladin of the Platinum Knight, formerally a Shining Knight of Sobeyr he now focuses on ruling fairly and honorably as his god demands. In the castle are the royal guard known as the Strumgärd they are known to ride Rocs or gryphons in ancient times they even rode Thunderbirds from the Silver Pine Mountains. They are few but their devotion to the Duke and people of Rhyderia has granted them powers not unlike that of a Paladin, while some are Paladins to one of the major gods of Rhyderia those who aren’t can still benefit from such powers from the conviction of their beliefs.  


Norvasul serves as the base of operations for the Black Mare Syndicate and various other smaller gangs and outlaw communities. They tend to be rather small as the guards of the city seek to remove all criminal elements from their city as it happens to have a major temple to the Justiciar. Outside of Norvasul there do exist bandits that harass travelers who don’t have protection who also try to steal from farmers when they can.  

The Ghvaris Academy of Abjuration

The magic school that teaches abjuration as its only focus is located within the capital city of Norvasul. This school has a large amount of battlemage students whose spells are focused on defense rather than offense. Mages that are sent here often learn the magical rites involved in banishments. In ancient Rhyderia the Ghvaris were the Knight-mages that fought against outsiders and dangerous mages, their order has since fallen into legend save for the academy where they were taught although even it remains largely a mystery. Built into the mountainside many of the facilities are hidden from sight in expertly hewn stone. On the outside are large open buildings that hang from the side seemingly upside down with the Archmage tower being on a narrow bridge that connects to a tall tower that shouldn’t be able to support itself.


The population of 153,486 is largely human (69%) and Half-elves (20%) with smaller numbers of other races.


King rules over the city and all of Rhyderia.


Large walls, heavy siege weaponry, mages, Knights.

Industry & Trade

Horse trade, Silver, Alcohol, Foodstuffs.

Guilds and Factions

Rhyderian Knightly Orders Black Mare Syndicate


Gothic and Germanic influences, Knights in shining armor contrasted by gothic architecture, Nordic inspiration generally horse shapes carved into beams or sewn into tapestries. Stone and wood makes up the majority of the architecture.


Alpine forest situated on and around a mountain. A large freshwater river is nearby and provides nearly all of the cities fresh water.

Natural Resources

Large forests, game animals, Rich iron and silver veins.
Owning Organization

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