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Rhyderia is made up of several provinces each under the rulership of a Duke that answers to the King, these provinces often have lesser nobles who watch over small sections of the land who answer to the Duke. While the map only shows the largest or important cities and towns the empty areas of the map are rarely vacant and can be made to suit the needs of the DM.

Fauna & Flora

Rhyderian Spiralweed

The Spiralweed is a plant form that is commonly used by riders in Rhyderia for one of two properties. Like what you would expect from most pipeweed but it does have an added effect depending on how it is prepared. If taken as normal pipeweed you eat less while traveling requiring only one meal a day. however, it is merely masking the feeling of being hungry and if you do not eat you will begin to starve.   The second form of this is the Spiralweed itself being brewed like a tea the effect of this makes it into a potent stimulant. Drinking it will prevent the character from sleeping for the next four hours. This can also be used to wake up unconscious characters provided they are not affected by a magical sleep. The price of the weed itself is 1 GP for 10 portions as it is a very common product of the Rhyderians.


  Rhyderia is a comfortable place to live by most human standards. The normal high in summer is in the 90s with some instances of reaching over 100, conversely, in winter it can hover around the freezing point with freak instances of going down into 0 or negatives. The more south you go the warmer it gets throughout the year. Storms are frequent in Rhyderia with most being soft rain, though there does exist the possibility of major weather such as tornadoes and magic storms.
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