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The people of Rhyderia are a proud people who place a great deal of value on honor and chivalry, while some are outliers to these ideals the majority of the people of Rhyderia fit one or both of these qualities. Rhyderians have strong germanic influences in their designs, names, and language.


Shared customary codes and values

The chivalric code of the Platinum Knight is a shared code of conduct most in Rhyderia adhere to even if they do not worship the Platinum Knight directly. In particular, they are opposed to lies, while some may still tell white lies most will feel that is still too close to a lie and as such are very honest people.

Common Etiquette rules

Rhyderians are mostly very personable and enjoy conversing with each other and smile often during conversation. When speaking with Rhyderians you usually stand roughly arm's length away and look the person who is talking in the eyes. Most people in Rhyderia will also address a stranger as Sir or Ma'am upon meeting them as a sign of respect. Rhyderians hold respect as an important part of their social dynamics showing respect means that you will be shown it in return.

Common Dress code

There is no formal dress code outside of the noble houses and knightly orders. A popular color in Rhyderia does tend to be a navy blue or forest green. A popular design for knights and those representing a house is clothing that has a split color scheme and stylish slashes in the top fabric layer of each puffed, segmented pant leg with the house colors along with a cloak with the family crest, or knight order symbol. For reference a Landsknecht style trouser and shirt.


Gender Ideals

Men and women are treated equally in terms of opportunity, it is rarer to come across female knights but they do and have existed for as long as Rhyderia has kept records of their knights. While certain roles might be filled more by one gender than the other it isn't because they are limited to those roles.

Courtship Ideals

Rhyderian courtship varies depending on the social status of the courting individuals with royal courting being a very complicated and elaborate affair, while commoners are more likely to want to do something fun and get to know each other. Each family has its own traditions in regards to courtship some very serious and others very lax.
Other races: Rhyderians are welcoming to most races the only exceptions are Anrasha and Orcs who they have been in one state of war with both those factions for as long as their history records. Half-elves are greatly valued in Rhyderia as they are seen as a tie back to the Ozari of old. Many are wary of the more uncommon races including those of the Draz Tyran, most people are unsure if dragons are real or just old stories at this point, some even feel the Draz Tyran is something made up to scare them.   Current conflicts: Rhyderia is currently in a 'Trade war' with Ormir the two factions have very different ideals have always found it difficult to get along. Ormir is trying to embargo Rhyderian trade but it is largely for show as Ormir cannot block land trade to Rhyderia. Rhyderia is currently in something akin to a cold war with the Anrasha as the Rhyderians cannot break past the Black Gates and the Anrasha are not interested in invasion to occupy just for raids. There is open conflict with the various orc tribes that attack Rhyderian towns and trade routes.
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