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House Orior

The main manufactuers of magical items in Rhyderia.


  • Baron/Baroness
  • Count/Countess
  • Lord/Lady
  • Grand Artificer / Magus-Knight
  • Artificer / Magus-Errant
  • Mage / Spell-Sword
  • Apprentice / Researcher
  • Vassal
  • Serf


The house is always looking for new ways to advance its ability to produce magic, often in the form of new items but also how to produce existing ones more efficiently or stronger. There is a strong sense of pride in the house that is instilled in anyone associated with the house, from the gardeners to the Baron/ess. The house claims neutrality in the conflicts between Scorathi and Tavori mages but is known to have members who are on either side, but they must swear loyalty to the house above their squabbles outside of it.

Public Agenda

The creation of safe and effective magical items for the people of Rhyderia.


Spellforges, these specialized forges are built on an area with a strong flow of Arcane energies are reliably on hand. This helps the enchanting process, more so when combined with their unique method of enchanting.   Magical school with a library, alchemist workshops, magical workshops, and testing areas.   House Orior has a standing force of 100 Magus-Errants, 20 Magus-Knights, 14 Grand Artificers, 35 Artificers and 49 mages. The rest of the ranks don't count as a standing army, more like irregulars drafted if needed.


The family Orior can trace itself back many generations even into the Ozari origins, but the family didn't become what it is until after the Cataclysm. With magic starting to be restored to its normal potency after years of stagnation after the fall of the Draz Tyran and the hunters bringing the dragons to near extinction the need for reliable magic items began to become even more pressing due to the loss of workforce. A sorceress by the name of Charma Orior and her husbands Delthin (Wizard) and Feydras(Artificer) Orior (They took her name) started enchanting items. Over the course of their lives they would stumble across the beginning methods of the House Orior smithing techniques, a method of both magically forging and enchanting something at the same time.   As time went on and the offspring took over more advancements were made, and while the original three are still alive they have chosen to retire as age has taken a toll on all but Feydras, as a half-elf he is still an important advisor to the house.

Magical Innovation for the future of Rhyderia

Alternative Names
House Magus
Parent Organization
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