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Escini is a land where magic reigns supreme the mages are often not very interested in social interactions and instead have servants take care of the day to day tasks of life. When there is a need for leadership it falls upon a summit representing an assortment of mages. This summit has an arch wizard of each of the spell schools, an equal number of arch-sorcerers, arcanists, and 'pacters'. These titans of magic then will decide upon what must be done, their meetings are either very short or very long as they dislike such distractions from their own works and want to get them done with as quickly and effectively as possible, however, they often disagree on what the best method is to use so their arguments can run for a very long time. Silver is a very common metal found within Escini and no one is fully sure why, but many think it is due to the larger than normal Arcane energies that permeate the land having created the silver there. The mages soon found that silver responds very well to being used in magic, the purer the better for that purpose as such very little is used for coins, and most is used for magical purposes.   The land itself is a large savannah with a few forests dotted across the river broken lands. Natural predators do still exist within these lands; however, many have been supplanted as the apex predators by experiments of the mages such as but not limited to Owlbears. Only in extreme cases are the mages forced to clean up their experiments that got loose, such a case was with the Manticores, and they were just moved to Vaulderman’s Folly. The area that borders Arcessa is the Swamp of Sorrows which is the site of a failed experiment trying to recreate the Anrashan defense pylons as well as something trying to be an obelisk of creation, it was a colossal failure and that entire area is unlivable and routinely hosts Undead of those that died there constantly being remade, oddly enough this has not attracted the attention of the Mist elves or Dragons, perhaps as a punishment for those messing with such things, or not actually harming the balance. The desert is the scar on the land from a large-scale battle between opposing factions of mages in Escini’s turbulent past.  

Keavari Train

  Within the city of Eis’lasan exists a method of transit that was developed as a project to determine if it was even possible. Trains that move about the ever-shifting currents of the Arcane, the experiment was a failure in that regard, however, the creator did see that they could ‘attach’ the train onto the binding magics used to help maintain the city itself. Thus, it gave rise to a city-wide transit system of railcars that appear to float in the air and travel between the various platforms and layers rapidly.   Each train car is made for a purpose of either cargo or passenger transit but one thing they all have in common is the ‘bracket’ that connects them to the Arcane lines, these brackets are enchanted silver and platinum mixes that allow the physical car to be supported by the intangible Arcane energies. This experiment paved the way for the first airships designed within Eis’lasan using arcane methods of lift and guidance. Eventually, this process was refined and combined with stabilizers that form a path for the trains to connect to and have since had paths brought to Norvasul into Mengdul and back again.   This model formed the basis for the Train that connects Eis'Lasan, Norvasul, and Tinley.    

Mage Guild

The mages guild was founded within Eis’lasan, while it is the smallest of the major guilds it is also the oldest. It dates back hundreds of years to when the mages met and created a non-aggression pact with each other and vowed to work within certain rules to prevent further damage to the Arcane during the aftermath of the fall of The Golden King. This means they were in operation during the dragon hunting and cataclysm they were, however, unable or unwilling to do much to protect the dragons themselves they are responsible for helping to keep the Arcane, mostly intact having outlawed demonology and necromancy in regards to reanimation and rather zealously hunting down any who disregarded this ruling. The true golden years of the guild are behind them as over the years they have fallen out of prominence now they are less of an authority on all magic and most mages who join do so to advance themselves with better resources available to them and as a way to hopefully enter the Voltaris Academy as either a student or teacher.     What they still do have is The Tenants of Thaumaturgy that are the standard for all mages to adhere to within The Mortal Empires. The one arm of the guild that remains as strong and prominent as ever is the Sentinel’s, mages dedicated to enforcing of the Tenants of Thaumaturgy who often specialize in abjuration magic and techniques on how to counter, dispel, or otherwise disrupt or interrupt spells from mages in the pursuit of their task. They have jurisdiction on all magical related crimes both in solving and punishing them.  


Eis’Lasan is one of the few places with the dry docks to be able to produce airships via conversion or construction, for the most part, they use a hybrid of a magically reinforced balloon with bound air elementals within to provide lift. From there they enchant the hull to be lighter and have control over the flight speed as well as various defenses all attached to the arcane engines and batteries that power the whole craft. There do exist balloon-less airships that rely on nothing but magic to keep them aloft, but they are prohibitively expensive from being widely used, likewise the materials and experienced workers are hard to come by making them hard to produce.


Owing to the same magic that lifted Eis'Lasan out of the ground by the Golden King, the rivers of Escini rather than dumping out into the ocean instead flow the opposite direction and draw water from the oceans up. It was only due to the rapid reactions of the mages against the Golden King, and druids to prevent the water from poisoning the water in Rhyderia by flowing that way. The creation of a large dam and 'Brine-Eaters' a magically created catfish like creature that eats the salt in the waterways, in particular near the dam before the water can enter Rhyderia.
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