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The swamp to the west of Eis'Lasan is another of the scars from the reign of the Golden King the exact details are lost to time, but the prevailing theory is that the golden King attempted to create a pylon capable of mass-producing fodder for his armies in the form of his dead enemies. With this theory the Golden King was successful in that he managed to create such a pylon but failed in that it went beyond his control rapidly and wildly corrupting the land around it turning it form a lush forest into a fetid swamp. A less popular theory is that it was created by a mage seeking to solve hunger, that it was supposed to be able to produce enough food to feed entire countries with high quality food, having met success with more meager food qualities the mage began to push further to create quality meat and made a misstep. The result of either theory leads to where Eis’Forat is now, a corrupted, blighted, and undead infested swamp.   This has not stopped treasure hunters and archeologists from attempting to find the now lost city but over the years the swamp has grown more and more dangerous as powerful undead have claimed the land as theirs. The clergy of the Dawn King, the Knights of the Blazing Sword, and the Silver Order have a camp where they fight against the undead, giving the future undead hunters practical experience. They have been trying to reclaim an ancient temple to their god lost in the swamp and send expeditions in to try and find it.


On the outskirts it is like any other swamp, but the deeper you travel into the swamps the darker and more corrupted they become. They very ground will try to consume those who don't watch their footing, and those who don't watch around them can quickly find themselves surrounded by the numerous undead beings that roam the swamp.   Expect to find a great deal of mud, water, sink holes, and few stable rock formations.


What used to live in this blighted land has long since died replaced with a necrotic mockery of what it once was. Moss now adheres to anything sapping life from whatever it can, the insects bloated on festering carrion carry all manner of diseases, the wildlife reanimated into twisted forms of their previous lives. The worst parts are the ravenous undead that stalk the swamps seemingly endless in numbers and always eager to hone in on noises within the normally still lifeless swamps.

Fauna & Flora

Nectoric vegetation that is more parastitic than its normal variants. Undead.
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