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Largely human (37%), Elves (18%), Outsiders (10%), smaller numbers of other races.


The Archon Assembly rules over Eis'Lasan and Escini as a whole. Day to day affairs are handled by the Exarch who handles the overall city and Precepts who handles the individual layers of the city.


Aside from being suspended in the air, the city employs a wide assortment of magical wards from force walls to the summoning of elementals or other outsiders to bolster the defense force of the city full of mages.


Arcane train system to connect the various floating landmasses, Airship construction yards, libraries, sewer systems, windmills.

Guilds and Factions

The largest guild is the Mage's Guild (Seekers) and is said to also be home to the Sentinels that operate within the Seekers.


The capital of the Mortal Empire mages the city has endured many a traumatic event from the rise and fall of the Golden King to elemental or demonic incursions. The city itself was cast into the air by the Golden King himself to make himself and his powerbase unassailable by non-magic enemies and to lord his power from above. After the fall of the Golden King the city remained in the sky despite the same shudder of the Arcane that caused the King’s demise. It did illustrate the need for the new inhabitants to stabilize the city and through great effort they staggered the landmasses to slow spiral up in helix pattern with short range teleporters to the other masses. With a shorter distance to the ground and the new positioning the mages spent a great deal of time, money, and power to create wards around the city that keep it aloft and isolated from sources to destabilize the levitating magics be it from Wildmagic storms, or dispelling attempts.     The city of magic is a truly wondrous and often bewildering place for people to come to, many of the buildings seem to defy logic as some towers are impossibly thing or at strange angles. Some streets seem to go on forever and all manner of creatures walk the streets from the mundane human or gnome to the bizarre creatures from the overplane or maw. It is not uncommon for the various platforms to shift and orbit within the borders of Eis’lasan despite the movement it rarely feels as if those on the platform are moving at all. The reason for this movement is a shift in the flow of the Arcane. Above great pylons float around the sky watching over the denizens of the city looking for any violation of the strict laws regarding fighting and aggressive magics within the city. All casters are required to register that they are casters and receive special inhibitor medallions that prevent hostile magic from being used at all. Should someone violate this practice they are detained or expelled from the city, should fighting occur the pylons separate the combatants with force cages until guards often with golems come to arrest the troublemakers.     The ground level of the city is rather simple and what you would expect from just about any major city in the world, just with more magical goods than a standard market. There are large towers that are built at the points of a pentagram design that take those wishing to go higher to the upper levels. Rather than build out the city of Eis’lasan builds up and unlike normal constructions they use discs (often, but other shapes can be used) of earth taken from mountains which were divided up by magic into discs of stone and dirt, further shaped and conditioned with magic for sustaining plants and water. These discs are levitated between and around these pillars with teleportation circles connecting various discs within the same ‘level’ before the next level above. The only exception to this practice of using levitated earth is the cloud district, named because they enchanted the clouds caught within the towers to be able to support construction and people walking along it, this district is generally reserved for only the most powerful mages and is avoided by the more suspicious and ill prepared for being hundreds if not thousands of feet in the air.


Anyone with an interest in magic will find themselves wanting to travel here, magic is on full display on every street corner to the very act of climbing the tower through either the rail system or teleportation circles.


Silver is a prominent decoration and building material due to its ability to reinforce an enchantment. The various buildings have changed numerous times, but the oldest ones have influences from the Golden King which includes buildings shaped like a gear where the teeth are made of convex angles leading to sharp upward-facing points, these buildings have a fantastical but overbearing orderly appearance that is imposing. These buildings have since become the government buildings where the archon Assembly meets.


The city use to exist on a savannah now the various discs and levels are free to determine what they want to look like, many choose green meadows and fields to exist on, though the lower levels prefer to keep the same kind of terrain. Each disc has its own source of fresh water usually in the form of a lake. There are few mountains in Escini as many were used in the construction of the city itself.
Founding Date
2450 1A
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