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Archon Asembly


Selussa Anvatris, Anrasha female


Abjuration: Lothar Oryeis, Rhyderian male   Conjuration: Omylia Farstrider, Falsoree female   Divination: Arbelladon Kelfaren, Anrashha male   Enchantment: Khaf-Ra-Hobs, Ormirian male   Evocation: Liosa Matasan, Ursandian female   Illusion: Phaipross Breckensi, Gnome female   Necromancy: Reinhardt Hovet, Rhyderian male   Transmutation: Balthazar Jeriah, Escinian male


Each of the Archons is an Archmage, there is one for each of the schools of magic, with a Grandmaster leading the Archons. These positions are elected by the Archons themselves, often taken the form of sponsored candidates in the initial pool of candidates to sort through to find one who fits best, while rare it is possible to show up and announce that you want the position but it will be an uphill battle to get enough support to be elected into the role.


The Archons are the ones who dictate terms over their particular schools of magic, this usually comes in the form of how students are taught the magic in the associated in magical college. While it is rare for an Archon to also be the headmaster/mistress of the college in question it is possible and they do hold sway over these institutions, ideally, they seek to make their college stand out as the best one to attract more students and have more of a power base in the magical community.   The reason for this is that each Archon has a certain amount of power based on the number of and skill of each mage dedicated to their school of magic. This power is used when determining votes that the Archons hold. The number each Archon has is kept constantly up to date by both magic and mundane methods of counting.

Public Agenda

The continued progress and expansion of the magical arts in a safe and practical manner. As well as the freedom for a mage to follow their studies without interference from the nonmagical communities.
Geopolitical, Magocracy
Alternative Names
Mage Kings
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Controlled Territories


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