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The Arcanmoors

Once upon a time, there was a city in Escini known as Vestoria in the Arcanmoors. That is until the year 20 of the Third Age when disaster fell upon the city. No one knows for certain what occurred there but the city erupted in a surge of magical energy destroying much of the city and causing the arcane energy to pool and form into a crystal garden. A Crystal garden can normally take centuries to form, one forming in decades is considered worryingly fast, and this one happened in moments. All organic creatures and plants transmuted to crystalized versions of themselves almost instantly. There are no fortunate people from this event, those that died are damned to remain haunting the crystals of the Arcanmoor, those who lived were either petrified instantly or became mutants of varying degrees that can't survive outside of the arcane radiation.
  The ruined city of Vestoria rests in the center of the third largest crystal garden in Savorah following the vineyards of Etrisium and the Tyrannus Garden in Mordereth. Many have tried to figure out what exactly happened to the city as the garden seems to have originated from within. Some speculate an asteroid filled with Arcane Crystals crashed into the city-destroying it and spreading the crystal garden. Others think it is the result of a powerful artifact being destroyed or experimented on. The city was lost early in the Third Age seemingly overnight since then there have been attempts to figure out what happened, unfortunately, the Arcane energies near the center of the city are so powerful they can inflict Crystallization easily and rapidly. In the other parts of the city through scavengers will risk life and limb to collect arcane crystals that grow there as well as finding any other lost treasures or artifacts.


The Arcanmoor is one of the most extensive crystal gardens on Habrea, the outskirts have a large amount of arcane energy which can be hazardous over longer times. The closer one gets to the epicenter of the garden the more intense the energy is, becoming very dangerous and lethal well before where the city center once was. Despite being a ruin for less than a hundred years the area is heavily reclaimed by nature or instead claimed by the crystal flora that now grows there.


Like any crystal garden the Arcanmoor is filled with crystalized flora and fauna, the Arcanmoor is more unique in that there are strange mutants that reside within the more heavily magically irradiated areas. Rumor has it they are what remains of the population of the city the ones who survived and were mutated, their descendants, or those foolish enough to brave the city center for the greater rewards and were mutated.

Localized Phenomena

Arcane radiation: The arcane energies of a crystal garden are incredibly concentrated and are known to cause crystallization in all organic beings in the area. There are pockets of even more intense radiation that have caused even more unique mutations to occur. These areas and the mutants themselves are best avoided and only sparsely documented.   Arcane Storms: It is a well-known fact that many arcane storms originate from within the Arcanmoor, which prompts many to want to find the source of the troubles in that area, but the dangers constantly stop people from truly venturing deep to find out.
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