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To understand the need for Mordereth to exist it must first be known what Savorah was after the end of the first age. When the land was split up and the continents sent a drift from one another they were gifted to a group of people, Savorah was to be the home of the dragons who were the guardians of the arcane balance of the world. When the dust had settled and the dragons took stock over Savorah they found that some races had been left behind and had to choose a course of action. After the countless battles of the first era and the incalculable dead, the arcane was already radically out of balance so they let those races remain to live there. This action was largely considered pragmatic as they were worried driving them from Savorah would lead to yet another war, regardless of how long it would last the desperate battles would only further degrade the Arcane, additionally, the dragons had no taste for eradicating the races that were left behind.   While there would be numerous instances of conflict between the dragons and the other races who very quickly forgot the fact they were allowed to live there in the first place they rarely turned to blood-shedding. It wasn't until the Rhyderian Empire lost a kind in the Second Era that couldn't be replaced so the power of Rhyderia was divided into the seven sultans. These Sultans all constantly tried to outdo each other to prove that they were worthy of the now-defunct throne. So they eventually began to challenge what was thought to be the ultimate test of power, the dragons. Many believe the Vortalon was instrumental in this development some even going so far as to say they assassinated the king and divided the power base. The Draz Tyran had fallen to shambles only remembered by those dragons old enough to have lived in it, or their descendants, many dragons isolated themselves to consolidate what power they had and would fall to repeated attacks by the forces of the sultans. This led to many dragons who knew the old ways to strike back where they could, for these younger races now saught to kill the true owners of the land in their mind.   The cycle continued until The Cataclysm, called such because in all the history of Belthuran nothing affected the world so monumentally save for the World Forger's actions. To pay the penance of blood the draconic god of vengeance caused the death of everyone across the world that had slain a dragon or benefitted from the slain dragons. It was only through the sacrifice of the Living God Cecidia (Part of the Magistrate) that as many survived as they did, for by this point the trail of blood had gone far and the scales were severely out of balance. With nearly every race of Belthuran brought to the same brink as the dragons the world was changed radically and those that survived looked to their past to rebuild.   With the return of a Tyrannus almost a century later the world began to truly heal, but refusing to allow anything like this from happening again he knew that the dragons would need a home to themselves. So the Tyrannus used the Crown and the Obelisks of Creation to raise from the depths of the sea the landmass of Mordereth, through massive effort not only raised it but sparked life to grow there as if it had been natural for centuries. While it took an intense toll on the Tyrannus a new home was created for the Draz Tyran, this place would become the seat of power and a haven for the dragons to begin repopulating their species from the brink of extinction. It is exceptionally rare for anyone other than the Draz Tyran to be granted permission to enter Mordereth, anyone else is considered an aggressor and ruthlessly hunted down and killed, for the Draz Tyran no longer allows trespasses against it.


The land of Mordereth changes to the needs of the dragons who live in it, their territory shaping to their will due to their passive effects on the land and their ability to shape reality with their considerable arcane powers. It isn’t uncommon to find radically different biomes in close proximity to each other, but far more common are to find large stretches of a single type of biome. The north eastern part of Mordereth as an example is a frozen mountain range. The majority of the south east of Mordereth leading into the Tyrannus Keep and Firaxan’s Furance is an Arcane field that grows ‘Arcane Hearts’ used in enchanting.  
The Frozen Wing: The north-eastern portion of Mordereth is a have to those who favor the bitter cold, large coniferous forests cover the lowlands and mountains until the treeline on the great frozen peaks. Between these peaks are valleys that gather snow and water into frozen lakes with the occasional hot water spring. The Frozen Wing is the second highest point in Mordereth after the Adamantine Palace.
The Steam Spires: The south-eastern mountains of Mordereth are rather the opposite of the Frozen Wing with a great many hot water springs and geysers which give the Steam Spires their name. Between active volcanoes, lava flows, flows, and lakes it is rare to find normal water, but it does collect in dead volcanoes making aquifers that some dragons or their servants have begun to turn into ecosystems with fish, plants, and so on.
The Adamantine Palace: The seat of power for the Draz Tyran the massive mountain is made from pure adamantine, perhaps even a fragment of the meteor that the Sunderer sent to try and destroy the world after Ruul’Rathor the God Devourer was beaten and humiliated. A second peak of the palace is the largest volcano in Savorah, Firaxan’s Furnace the main temple and holy site for the followers of the Forgefather. This region is the most heavily Arcane due to the presence of the Tyrannus, other dragons, Drazgorra, Drazgor, and Kobolds. This leads to Arcane fields forming over most of the ground however, the largest and most official field is in the far south eastern corner which is a massive forest of crystal trees and flowers under the guard of Narolth’T’Saren and many arcane elementals. This is where the guardian seeks to create new memory stones for the members of the Draz Tyran, as well as a temple to Aren’Valesh has been constructed out of the Arcane forest itself.
The Scorching Dunes: The largest continuous desert in Savorah is exactly as the name suggests, rolling sandy dunes surrounded by stone hills and mountains overlooking the sheer cliffs into the ocean below. A few very large oases exist with smaller ones dotting the landscape. The Dragons of the dunes dominate the land during the day where they bask in the heat, most creatures prefer the night to move around.
The Wild Wood: The forests on the western side of the north half of Mordereth is an interesting place often on par with the Deepwood of Ursand, fortunately the spirits there know better than to risk the ire of the dragons that live there and leave them and their servants be, however this is a place where the old and powerful fey come to avoid contact with humans. Some of these fey even become servants to the dragons of the forest and can help them create hauntingly beautiful lairs.
Xarxandis (Kobold colony): Xarxandis is the section of hills directly north of Firaxan’s Furnace, the kobolds who live here have turned the hills into communities more like neighborhoods and so the entire range is considered the colony of Xarxandis. These kobolds come to this colony to be around others of their kind, trade ideas from Xoln and those discovered in Mordereth. Xarxandis is where a gate has been constructed to connect Xoln to Mordereth such is the trust the dragons have in the kobolds to have such ease of access into their home and vice versa. Drazgor and Drazgorra also visit this place often as the kobolds are usually the master crafters that they apprentice to learn a trade that they will pursue when not on duty.
The Grand Plaza: The flat lands nearest to the large lakes and rivers of Mordereth, the name is called this due to numerous gathering spots created around the easiest fresh water of Mordereth, what some might consider towns and cities are formed here. This is where dragons can go to socialize for the most part while their servants handle the commerce needs of trading, there is often a performance of some play, a telling of a story, or new sculptures and art to be displayed in these areas.
The Great Gates: The gates that serve as a final barrier from the lands outside of Mordereth, normally the Emerald Cove Jungle does a good job of preventing incursion from other races, but it is these gates that block the only way in for land-based creatures. Over a hundred feet tall of black metal and stone always manned by Drazgor forces with more specialized defenders able to arrive quickly thanks to teleportation methods. So far, they have not been tested, the defenders are certain that they will remain unbroken for all time.
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