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The Rite of the Self

The Rite of the Self is an important step for a young dragon, it is when they become an adult and take their place in their society. The actual ceremony takes place in front of the flight they were born into as well as friends or family even if they come from rival flights. It is believed that since the Arcane permeates all things it can even allow one to see into alternate realities bound by both the Arcane and the Etheral plane to see versions of themselves, not what they do or will become. They must look through the alternate versions to find the one that is them, it is believed that since dragons, the arcane, and ethereal planes are timeless they can see themselves as who they are supposed to be and from there become that dragon.


The to-be adult dragon must immerse their head in a font filled with arcane energy that adapts to represent the same element the dragon is attuned to. While their head is immersed they commune with the Arcane and themselves as they delve deep into themselves seeing and hearing dozens if not hundreds of versions of themselves all bearing different names, until they find their true self. There is no adequate way to describe how they know, it is a sense of familiarity that they simply just know that is who they are. Once they have it they remove their head from the font and proclaim their new name in its completion.

Components and tools

A basin or large bowl that is filled with liquid Arcane essence, the process of getting such a liquid is a well-guarded one known only to the Keepers of the Draz Tyran. Though there are some others who have gotten close and even managed to in the past, they often do so accidentally and regret the decision as liquid Arcane essence is highly volatile if not properly handled.


Flight members, family, and friends are invited to watch but do nothing more than that during the actual ceremony, after they celebrate with the now-adult dragon. The key roles are the Keeper who prepares the font of Arcane essence and the to-be adult dragon.
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