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Scar Desert

Legend tells of a time when the Scar desert was anything but, a lush landscape with fields that stretched out as far as the eye could see surrounded by small peaks of continuous mountains save for small paths in and out. That was before the Golden King fell to madness. Having constructed the Mecharum Fortress his sanctuary of order in an otherwise chaotic world it is here he started his war on chaos. As the Mage King of the time, none opposed him as he began building a new series of towers around the perimeter and the center of the desert to be. When it came to light what he was doing to the people who lived there though rebellion formed.   The Golden King practiced a unique form of magic a mix between golemancy and necromancy, he started by exhuming corpses from graveyards, then kidnapping the poor and unwanted of society before he began to come for the rest. By this point, he had a shining sea of soldiers, the skeletons of his former subjects devoid of consciousness these animated skeletons were transmuted to have bones of steel seemingly plated in gold.   At the end of the First age, the Golden King was supposedly defeated by his spell detonating in his face and in that moment destroying the once verdant lands replacing them with the Scar Desert. It has since been determined that the land was subjected to a sudden and violent shift in time advancing the desert ahead thousands of years until all life was long since gone. Now all that remains is the Sepulcher of Silence, the Mecharum Fortress, and a few of the towers that were not torn down, and his army entombed with the Sepulcher of Silence.


Sterile sands piled into dunes wherever the winds blow it on the surface this land seems to have no traces of the life it once held. Should one find a tunnel that leads underground though they will be confronted with very diverse flora and fauna that live just below the lifeless sands, some even say there is sentient life in these caves, too terrified to tread upon the surface living in fear of their terrible god, a humanoid with a golden skull.   The surface has only a small oasis which is only just water, entirely sterile there are no pathogens even in the stagnant water. The mountains that surround the desert form a barrier that once stood to protect from outsiders and now serve as a prison to memories of the past.


On the surface, there simply is no life, no insects, no birds, no plants.   Beneath the sands though are many caverns with tunnels connected many crafted by some of the more intelligent species that live in such tunnels. The Scarabi are a race of goblin-sized humanoid insect people who live in underground caverns and have vast hive cities. Their culture is a strange mix of druidic and scientific and they strive to live in constant balance with their home while also advancing themselves. The Scarabi are one of the more intelligent species but are far from the most deadly.

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Metal ore Unique plants that aid in many alchemical processes.
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