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Hadreon's Bastion

The outpost of Hadreon's Bastion often known as just the Bastions, resides partially in the outskirts of the Arcanmoors, half within and half outside the dangerous arcane energies that permeate the entire Arcanmoor. The Bastion was created as a base of operation for the Mage's guild to prevent the spread of the Arcanmoor as it was feared that the energies would continue to spread out over time. This is a rare case of the Scorathi being called upon over the Tavori to work on a problem, it was deemed that the methods of the Tavori would create worse problems in the future by capturing the arcane energy in seals that could over time degrade or break causing new wells of radiation.   The Scorathi's solution was to turn the arcane energies of the Arcanmoors on itself, using it to power a barrier that halts the spread of the radiation. It requires frequent attention to make sure no damage has occurred to what amounts to fence posts that produce the barrier. Each one of these posts is known as the greater or lesser Nervalisks with the greater having a wide range or a stronger field depending on the area they must cover. The lessers serve to just reinforce the energy of the barrier between the greater.


There are two districts that make up the Bastion, the first and largest is the Southern Bastion which is outside of the arcane radiation zone and is where most people who have little to no crystalization or oversaturation of arcane energy. Most services exist here, merchants, smiths, tailors, and so on. The Southern Bastion is the beating heart of the Bastion itself as this is where those brave and foolish enough to delve into the Arcanmoors in search of arcane crystals and other trinkets to sell. While exceptionally dangerous it is very lucrative to those who are lucky or skilled enough to venture in.   The other district is actually called the Northern Bastion but is always known as the Dregs. This is where those who have begun to suffer from oversaturation, crystalization, or mutations live, the mutants cannot live well outside of the arcane energy that made them the way they are, and the others often see no point in trying to stop it as it is considered to be irreversible. So they just make deeper and deeper treks into the Arcanmoors to try and make the most of the situation for their family.
Founding Date
Year 64, Third Age
Alternative Name(s)
The Basion, The Brink
Outpost / Base
Location under
Owning Organization


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