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Basic Information


Hunched humanoid form with large wings comparative to their body size equaling 1.25 their size held under hard shells. Two legs, four arms each capped with three toes and fingers. Large horn with decorative appearnces. Four eyes, two on each side of large angular heads.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Small mandibles used to help eat as well as a single horn from the top of their head, the top of the horn has unique decorations.

Average Intelligence

The drones have only basic intelligence they can be shown something and can retain and repeat it but they don't really have individual thoughts.   The Alchemists, Druids, and Monarchy have a much higher intelligence around a young adult human.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Darkvision, daylight can cause temporary blindness, their sight angle is 270 degrees on a horizontal plane, vertically though they are limited to 120 degrees making them vulnerable from above.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Hive Monarchy

  The Queen and her family. The Queen is the eldest female, her daughters serving as more traditional insect queens producing offspring, these daughters are adopted and designed to keep as diverse a population as they can. There is at least one daughter from the different types of Scarabi, Drones, Larvori, and the Circle. These daughters can have up to two that also aid in producing eggs. Drones can never be queens as they lack the intelligence to lead.  

The Larvori

  The Alchemists and scientists of the Scarabi those who are hatched with a superior intellect to the majority of their kin as well as a strong curiosity of the world. These are the progressive minds that weigh in on logic and science in matters of Balance.  

The Circle

  Often referred to by other druids of the world as the Circle of Shells, the Circle is the druidic priesthood for lack of a better term that weights in on the matters of nature for the all-important Balance.


The Scarabi are believed to have formed when at the end of the First Age when the Golden King's spell backfired and radically moved the area forward in time. During this time a unique variant of undiscovered scarab evolved quickly both from the advancing time and the fallout of magical energy that permeated the area. While the surface became the Scar Desert devoid of life the opposite was made true of the underground caves, which began as biodiverse as a jungle.   The Scarabi formed a city in a small portion of these caves in the northern portion of the Scar Desert's cave networks which they refer to as 'The hive' it is their only city but they have many smaller outposts in the various caves. Their primary farming efforts are to the west of the Hive while their more wild areas are south of the city, save for just under the Sepulcher of Silence which is treated as one might treat the gates to the place their god lives. It is both revered and feared in equal measure for to the Scarabi the Golden King is their glorious and terrifying god.   By their own stories the Golden King wiped out the surface of life for their defiance against him, and in so doing paved the way for the Scarabi and it was their duty to please their god but always live in fear of him, and that order must be maintained in a vital balance between nature and civilization with neither being held above the other. This led to the Scarabi having a very druidic society that also focuses on science as much as it can, for the Scarabi are sentient but most of their numbers seem unable to grasp beyond basic sciences. Their elite are druids and alchemists who have the intelligence to experiment and learn with some being eager to learn from the 'Elder Races' that war among each other over their 'Terrible Secrets'.   The Scarabi are fearful of allowing other races into their culture for they see themselves as vulnerable to species that have existed for time beyond their ability to count when their ancestors were still simple insects. They will however eagerly welcome druids from the surface world and on occasion alchemists and merchants who bring fantastical treasures from the surface.
40 Years
Average Height
3 feet
Average Weight
40 pounds
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dark colors often black or dark blue for most of the exoskeleton which is also shiny, the softer parts around the joints are often grey but sometimes brown as well.
Geographic Distribution


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