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The Golden King

Mage King, Golden King Heradriss Voltray

The infamous Golden King, creator of the Sandorn. The mage king who sought to bring order to his kingdom, when looking into the plane of law he saw how flat his efforts fell. He witnessed true, perfect order and it poisoned his mind for when he looked back on his own world he could see nothing but chaos even in places he had not seen before. Compelled by an unstoppable need to create that same perfect order in not just his kingdom but the world he began to build his powers and forces creating his army of golems made from the bodies of his former subjects. Using a process mixing transmutation, necromancy, and golemancy in a blend that has never been replicated fully the Golden King took his living people, reduced them to skeletons, and transmuted their bones to a metal with the appearance of gold but as strong as steel, then forced at least a part of their soul back into the body to make them not unlike animated skeletons that follow orders with no thought, no need to eat, sleep, or drink.   As his rule and war raged on the ravages of time began to take their toll on him, so he put himself under his own process. It is said he defeated an aspect of Death to take its scythe blade to form into a gauntlet to grasp the soul, and using complicated rituals and spells turned himself into a hybrid of golem and lich. This is when the man truly became the Golden King.   He created the Sandorn after his war began to grow to a point he could not lead every engagement himself, and as a way to harm the morale of those he fought he chose their greatest leaders to become instead his greatest leaders. For a time it worked too, they were even stronger of body complete with the full soul of the unfortunate person with all their skills unburdened by emotion, or so the Golden King thought.   In the end, he was betrayed by his Sandorn generals and in a final move he began channeling an apocalyptic level spell, none save for the Golden King truly know what the spell would have done but it was interrupted the moment the first Tyrannus donned the Tyrannus Crown and caused all magic to for a moment halt and come under new command. This caused the spell to go rampant and explode in the face of the Golden King, it destroyed much advancing time in the Scar Desert by hundreds of thousands of years in an instant. Yet the Golden King was still alive, badly damaged but still too strong to be destroyed, the Sandorn instead entombed the Golden King and vowed to be his jailers for the rest of time.
Lawful Neutral
Current Status
Entombed, alive.
Current Location
Date of Birth
12th of Last Harvest
Current Residence
The Sepulcher of Silence
Electric blue [Energy]
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Golden Skeleton
6' 4"
Absolute Law
Ruled Locations


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