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"Our world is always on the knifes edge between light and dark, should darkness grow stronger the undead will be the force that pushed it over. Undeath is a thing born out of the profane realms and the very presence of even a lesser skeleton or zombie can be noticed by the arcane sensitive. The dragons and mist elves do what they can to maintain the balance, but it is on all of us to make sure that the balance remains." -Master hunter Jericho Brightmantle of the Silver Order   Intelligent undead of Belthuran are relatively low in number some can exist to aid the balance of the arcane with their profane infusion, but those undead are under the vigilant watch of the mist elves forming the Dusk Council. Rogue undead are a threat that is often moved on quickly either by the mist elves themselves, adventuring parties, religious orders, or the Silver Order. Despite the oversight and vigilance of those groups undead could spring up through plague or any other means normal to undeath and depending on the circumstance can result in a massive problem for the world if not resolved quickly.   Areas with large amounts of undead will pollute the Arcane with too much profane energy causing it to have an acrid scent mixed with decay. As with any highly profane area spells tied to the celestial font might be harder to cast or not as effective. The opposite is true in places of high celestial magic given their opposing nature. Ghosts are an exception unless they have turned into wraiths or other forms of evil undead, a ghost itself is not inherently evil and just remains bound to the world due to some wrong done to it or some affair it must see completed before it can rest.   The ruins of Sharzelad is a hotspot for ghost activity, but during a blood moon many outlines of spirits can be seen in populated places. Most blood moons see people remain indoors and shut their windows as it is only the light of the moon that reveals the spirits, though it can also illuminate monsters that dwell within the ethereal plane. The worst places to be on a blood moon is a graveyard, the site of a battle, a mass grave, or other place where much death or tragedy happened as the spirits there relive the battles and care little for what is around them or are angry and lash out, their passions reignited by being in the mortal world again.
This article exists to provide a frame of reference for undead within the lore.


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