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The high fjords of Arcessa can present remarkable vistas of sheer cliffs and placid waterways. Coming in from the fjords the dense forests form another perimeter around the landmasses. The trees tend to be those that prefer cooler temperatures and lesser water requirements despite the lands being more than capable of supporting seemingly any kind of plant. Unlike other parts of the world, their forests are for the most part small clusters that can have only a few inches of space between trees or many feet. Much of Arcessa is made up of farmlands and grasslands, those that are on the Falsoree side of the country grow year-round as the weather of Arcessa remains within the growing tolerance of most plants something that baffles most but has also led to there being no druidic circle within Arcessa. The farms produce large amounts of food at higher than average speeds making these farms produce a large staple of most food for the country as well as the continent. The water that runs through the fjords also supplies large underground aquifers that most of the cities and towns rely on.   On the Gnomish side of the country, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking there were large swaths of unclaimed territory, there are only a few settlements above ground usually near the trade roads to support inns, taverns, and trade. Most of the gnomish population is in the large caves under the surface of their side of the lands. There is a large amount of fauna that remains the surface as a result, this is where the Arcessan druidic circle chooses to remain.  


The government of Arcessa is diplomatic with a senate made up of representatives from the major cities, these representatives then elect a member of their own to act as a chancellor for their people. The two races normally tend to their own affairs in a smaller congress under the guidance of their chancellor. Within the capital of Tinley, they meet in the ‘Sapphire Concordance’ and within Mengdul the Falsoree capital they meet within a white tower known as ‘Dawn’s breath’. When an issue affects the country then one of the capitals is chosen and both races have a full session of the senate held in Umser to determine their course of action.  

The peoples

Arcessa does have more than the Falsoree and Gnomes but they make up the largest population and this is their homes. Anyone willing to live by their rules is welcome to live among them, a certain amount of acceptance is given to those travelling through.  


The subsect of the elves often known as ‘Light elves’ or ‘High elves’ depending on the race asked. The Falsoree left the Anrasha over differences in how they treat others and their view that their affinity for water should be used for its healing properties over others. Ironically the Falsoree have almost no naval presence focusing on the study of healing magics and medicines over being aggressive fighters like the Anrasha.   A common trend that the Falsoree hate to have pointed out is that they do everything they can to stand apart from the Anrasha, the Anrasha themselves see the Falsoree as a rebellious teenage phase despite the numerous generations of separation between them. Regardless of their motivations, the Falsoree have created many important medical advances that have saved many, many lives. From rituals to heal nearly any wound, even occasionally bring the dead back to life, to remedies to plagues of both magical and mundane origin.   The Falsoree never commit their armed forces outside of Arcessa except for doctors and healers to allied forces in need. Private citizens can join if they desire but there is no obligation to do so, and often is discouraged.   The lifestyle of the Falsoree at first glance is that of a utopia, there is no crime, people work on betting themselves through art, exercise both martial and mental. However, the closer you look the more you see that the Falsoree are held to a strict moral standard and regimen by a group of what are essentially secret police. To keep living among them a person must adhere to their lifestyle with the same devotions one should show in proper worship of a god. While even a human could live past their hundreds among the Falsoree comfortably few would consider such a life as truly living.  


Gnomes of Belthuran are not that different from how they have evolved in other realms, with a love for tinkering and innovation a core of their being they are renowned Alchemists and Wizards, but they also have a nearly unrivaled skill jewel crafting both magical and mundane. They are a cousin species to the Dwarves but rather than being very strict and tradition-based the gnomes are far more interested in the freedom of innovation and living life as you want. Far too chaotic for their kin they moved away into Arcessa before the Falsoree split from the Anrasha but not long before.     When the gnomes arrived, they began building Tinley first only to find themselves on one of the weak points between the elemental plane of earth providing high-quality stone and gemstones in high abundance making them able to develop their jewel crafting skills while also building their future capital. Gnomes suffer from the same size problems as kobolds and so began to develop them magics to help lift, clean, carry and do many tasks for them so they could still work on other ventures while still building and maintaining their homes.   Those unable to become wizards or seeking another path often become alchemists and have created a great many potions, alchemical engines, and weapons based around this science. There are even rumors of an alchemically driven airship being developed. While some think such a thing would be folly the gnomes were the ones who animated an entire castle to try and use against the Anrasha near the end of the Dark Age.   Gnome cuisine is world-renowned as being wholly unappetizing to nearly every other sentient race, they will eat nearly anything. Mixing chili and oatmeal is a good breakfast, a mix of various animal gizzards into a paste then stuffed into plant wraps. Only those with a strong stomach should consider eating gnomish food, even being near it being cooked can be nauseating.


Eastern Arcessa   The majority of eastern Arcessa is made up of wide open fields with gently rolling hills on the border of Rhyderia. The plateau of Tinley is visible from anywhere on the east side of the country. Forests grow mostly along the tops of the fjords with oddly thick root systems that reach deep into the ground causing some to speculate that they were influenced by druids or some form of magic. The waterways between the fjords are oceanic and often serve as a means of trade and travel across Arcessa, with docks and small communities often living on the shores and ferrying cargo and people to the major cities. With the exception of small lakes and rivers, the majority of the water comes from underground sources, if you were to travel to such a place you would find either water dripping from above into vast lakes or underground rivers which are similar to long-neglected aqueducts.     Western Arcessa   Like eastern Arcessa large fjords make up the bulk of the coastline, with some shoreline to the northwestern and eastern sides of the land. In the northern half of the Celestial lands, the Golden Palm Monastery sits amidst small mountains that are still high enough to overlook much of Arcessa on a clear day, which is almost always is. The forests of western Arcessa spread more aggressively than those on the eastern side and without a deliberate effort, the forest would rapidly begin to overtake the fields that make up the many small farms and vineyards present on this side of the country.   The Underground   Beneath Arcessa is a massive open cavern that according to legend was the realm of the Earthen Emperor, while the race of the emperor is argued about it is suspected to be Dwarven given the time that the empire was said to have lived early in the First Era of the world. Roughly h halfway through the First Era their empire went to war with factions from even deeper underground, and then suddenly vanished. The only hint there was even any culture there are the few ruins that have been found near Tinley. Scholars in Hammerock and Tinley believe that the deep places of the world are connected to each other through tunnel networks and that wars were often fought over access to these tunnels, this war had seemingly been the last one as nothing sentient survived. Now only the native flora and some fauna remain in these places, but the promise of more ruins, knowledge, and treasure often has people seeking to explore them, even if the government of Arcessa advises against it.

Fauna & Flora

The most unique 'creature' that lives in Arcessa is both Flora and Fauna, the unique plant is known as a Plant Lasher, or simply lasher to the locals. These plants are large and carnivorous looking most often like oversized flytrap plants with large vines coated in thousands of tiny hair-like fibers coated in a sticky solution. This sticky solution comes from large bulbs at the base of the tentacle and makes for a great adhesive and is used in tanglefoot bags often. In Panaston in particular these plant creatures are grown and while it takes special care to be able to harvest the solution the gnomes have found a way to tap into the bulbs without having to remove the bulb from the creature. There are other examples of offshoots of this creature in other places of the world but most assume they are the result of birds carrying their seeds far away. The plants are capable of producing seeds from a single large flower that rises up from the center resembling a small tree growing in the middle of mouths and tentacles, the flower color varies but resembles a tulip when properly pollinated the flower will produce hundreds of viable seeds that can be planted, to tempt birds and other creatures the seeds are inside of a fruit coated in a sugary solution and the plant will go into a hibernation state allowing them to be harvested by farmers or creatures. The fruit itself has many resemblances to peaches but with many smaller seeds like a pomegranate both parts are edible, and many enjoy cooking the seed portion while eating the fruit which is like a candied peach even when raw.

Natural Resources

Wood from the forests Large farming communities with a focus on grapes for wine, but produce grain, vegetables, and animal products, mostly for the leather, milk, wool, and so on. Meat isn't as large an industry in western Arcessa but is prominent in eastern. Tinley has large gem caverns known as the Elemental Caves where they source their gems for their gem crafting businesses. While not under Tinley there are large iron deposits and hosts many mining groups and consortiums.


The people who can afford to tour through Arcessa often do so to sample the various wines and buy the best gem craft money can buy as the Falsoree and the Gnomes take great pride in their ability to make an exceptional product. There are several small gated communities with their own guards and staff that exist to serve these rich and powerful visitors. The other reason most people seek to come to Arcessa is to benefit from the vast medical knowledge of the Falsoree who are said to be able to cure nearly any ailment with either mundane or magical means. Artificers and engineers will often take journies to Tinley to partake in festivals and shows to show off their new creations often competing for patrons to fund their creative desires.


  Arcessa is a temperate climate that while it does get snow never collects it for long, what storms they have while often severe blow through quickly and warm temperatures leave this a place many would welcome in their older ages. The best way to describe these lands would be is; comfortable. Around Mengdul and the nearby settlements, the land seems largely untouched by the seasons only getting rainfall when needed and most more hazardous weather systems avoid the larger cities when passing through, to anyone's knowledge there is no weather control magic in place.  

A false security

  For one reason or another evil and destruction have been warded away from Arcessa to the point the people there are poorly prepared for the inevitable occurrence. Coming to the lands of Arcessa anyone else would notice how little preparation exists for even something like fires. This leads many humans to get ‘a bad feeling’ as if something is just around the corner or lurking just out of view, as a result, many humans choose not to live there. The residents of course all believe that to be superstition or paranoia as they have existed this way for generations.  


  The Arcessan does not have a strong standing army and instead has numerous companies that can be called into active service if needed. These companies often act like private military contractors taking jobs and advancing their own reputation and goals with aid from the government. This also allows those companies to lend aid outside of Arcessa despite the government not being eager to go to war with anyone. The government does however offer aid to conflicts in the form of diplomats and healers to try and stop hostilities and offer healing to those affected by the conflict.
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