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Keavari Train

The Keavari Trains are one of the newest forms of transit across the land of Savorah these trains are suspended aloft in only the most stable ley lines that traverse the continent. Along the routes, large rings are constructed, elevated, and then enchanted to keep themselves in the air. Keavari is a kobold from Xoln who went to Eis'Lasan to observe how magic was taught and used outside of the Draz Tyran, she was quickly dismayed at how poorly magic was understood and how terrible the methods of transit were. Upon getting the attention of the Archons of the city she was able to persuade them that she could help them develop a faster method of transport and in so doing provide more insights into how magic can be used. As she is forbidden from directly showing The Mortal Empires the Draz Tyran's magic.   While many dismissed her she gained enough footing to make a prototype, but she would have to compete with others the Archon's own inventors to see who would get their patronage. While the others tried their best they ran into issues that made their methods of transport prohibitively expensive to maintain. Keavari was trained on how magic worked by those who were taught by the original practitioners, she created rings of rune-inscribed silver wrapped in coils and encased in stone. When elevated into a ley line it activated becoming anchored in place and emitting energy that produced a tunnel within the ley line that allowed a train to move along the path.   This early version still had issues as it was susceptible to wild magic, Arcane Storms, and dispelling but once her patronage was won and a group of mages assigned to her they began to work on how to reinforce the rings, while also improving the trains, and planning the logistics of how these could work.   Years later Eis'Lasan reached out to Norvasul as part of their ongoing diplomatic efforts proposed that they construct the first line between the two cities, promising greater trade and magical resources that would benefit both countries immensely. Soon enough construction began in Eis'Lasan, made faster through the use of magical craftsmen under the demanding eye of Keavari. From there she accompanied every team that went to install one of the rings, making use of airships to transport the rings. The process was fast for an effort of that scale but still took time to complete, but after years of research and construction, the line was complete. From Eis'Lasan the first train departed along the line reaching Norvasul in less than nine hours, a feat only possible via airships in the past, which could still take longer based on wind conditions.   After the first trips, other cities began to become interested, Tinley, especially who have tried to make their own versions as well, or try to modify designs but struggle to do more than make a passable version. Keavari's warning was to only ever build these along the most stable of Ley lines, for disruptions to the ley lines or shifts in the lines could create a catastrophe. There are those looking at methods to expand the trains between other cities but for now, they are limited.
Connected Cities: Eis'Lasan To Norvasul or Tinley Tinley To Umser   Lines in construction: Norvasul to Rel'Taris Rel'Taris to Dolwhir


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