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The Merchant State of Ormir is both a nightmare and a paradise at the same time depending on what exactly you are looking for. Long hot sunny days with miles of beaches to enjoy, cool comfortable nights with a lively nightlife, and a great view of the cosmos, at least during the summer months, other times of the year Ormir is subjected to the full fury of weather rolling off the ocean. While Nefra and the other major cities have wards to shield them from most of the bad weather there is still a danger present to those who do not live in such places.  


The islands of Ormir are tropical, it is warm year-round and has many quite pleasant beaches. Their winters are quite mild temperature-wise but are plagued by heavy rains and storms. Many towns open large water reservoirs to collect this rainwater for emergency water should their magical water generation fail.   Hurricanes and tidal waves are the largest concerns as they can cause serious damage, it took several large such events before the city of Nefra funded a series of mages to work to disrupt such formations before their arrival since then the people of Nefra have suffered far less from such storms this was duplicated on the Dragon Turtle Islands. Heavy rains are part of the reason why the nation of Ormir exists at all as there are no natural freshwater sources on the land and only the aid of magic and the fury of nature keep freshwater tanks within the major cities and smaller lakes of fresh water-filled.


  There is rampant crime by what most would consider crime worthy, blackmail, bribes, and extortion are commonplace. In truth, the only thing that is a crime is being poor, for if you have enough money you can get away with murder. This is all governed by the Shadow-Lords of Ormir, these mafia-like families hold all the power of the underworld of Ormir. They are on good terms with the Anrasha as they often buy slaves from the Anrashan markets despite slavery being one of the actual illegal things in Ormir, of course, they call it indentured servitude to get around that.


The country is surrounded by the ocean with beaches ranging from desirable destinations for vacations to brutal rock and reef covered coastlines. Inland is flat and tropical with some long-dormant volcanoes that formed the land that now have their own ecosystems that are sparsely explored due to the many dangers that inhabit them. The shores of Ormir are all at or near sea level leading to a large number of beaches and water-based access, most of the settlements that exist do so because the shore lends itself well to ocean-bound trade which was necessary before the roads were laid down and are still favored by most.   Lowlands: The lowlands of Ormir make up most of the archipelago that makes up Ormir as a whole. While grass and trees and other plants can grow here the ground is very rocky and makes it difficult for farms to maintain as year after year new rocks push up. The more inland sections of the islands are the more temperate forests flora and fauna while the closer to the edges often has tropical flora and fauna around them. These lands extend to the mountains that jut up suddenly from the normally gentle land. Farming becomes more viable near the mountains but is avoided from the dangerous beings that inhabit the mountains, farming is still attempted and is successful enough to maintain its existence in a nation focused on profits they are just less effective than other nations. These lands often see a great deal of flash flooding and runoff into the sea.

Fauna & Flora

Orimirian Silkspinner The Orimirian silkspinner is one of the most insidious and terrifying creatures even before you know what they are capable of. The body of the Silkspinner is 8 feet wide and like all spiders it has eight legs, however, these are lined with large hairs that conceal numerous barbs that are used for gripping and cutting. Thick chitin plates protect the creature from most attacks, they are however quite flammable owing to the weakness of the Silkspinners to fire in general. While you may only see a single Silkspinnere you face their entire hivemind, each nest has a queen and the many offspring. These spiders are telepathic and share information with each other quickly and over large distances. The most fearsome part comes next, as they can sense the thoughts of others, they can also use their telepathic abilities to burrow into the mind of another creature, and if they succeed they will turn that person into a willing thrall for the hive. It is not uncommon for them to detect a creature's thoughts and begin to play music appealing to them on the very silk they spin fascinating them in further to their traps and if valuable turning them into thralls otherwise eating them. The spiders are entirely deaf and rely on their sight, ability to sense thoughts, and the vibrations their webs carry to alert them of danger or prey. The same silk is also a highly prized commodity that requires very specialized equipment to gather, including a ring of mind shielding, and boots of spider walking.     Silkspinner venom The Orimirian Silkspinners aside from being most people's worst nightmare, to begin with, have a poison that when compared to other far more lethal toxins does not seem bad. That is until you are affected by it. Victims of this poison have all of their senses heightened to a painful degree, the sound of a pin dropping is like thunder, The annoying pebble in your boot feels as if your foot is being torn apart, and so on. This translates to forcing concentration checks with a -5 for all spells. Loud noises can cause deafness for 1d4 rounds. The poison does not interfere with normal Damage reduction but no resistance or reduction will apply to non lethal damage as this helps them capture useful thralls. Perhaps an odd side effect, the heightened sense of smell and taste can allow the victim to detect poisons in their food or drink before ingestion. DC 19 Fort Injury, Onset instant. Duration 1 day, cure 2 consecutive saves.   Silkspinner silk Items made of Silkspinner weave are 50% lighter and increase the health and hardness of the item by 50% as well. Only cloth items such as robes, cloth armor, backpacks, etc. Without Alchemical treatment, the weave is quite flammable catching flame easily and making it hard to smother, for each piece of silk weave gear the user is wearing increases the DC to put out a fire on themselves by 2. The alchemical treatment removes this negative. Armor made from treated silk weave gives a +2 equipment bonus to checks made to resist exposure to hazardous weather.
Type Cost
Armor - Light +250 gp
Other +50 gp/lb


Many people come to Ormir, often it is for trade or work. Those few who are rich enough to be able to afford to head to the Dragon Turtle Islands to enjoy a lavish resort for their vacation with nothing but the highest quality of food, drinks, and entertainment.
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