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Dragon Turtle Islands


  Resort; The population of 204 is mostly human (79%) with smaller numbers of other races. A mix of lavish high life like nobles would find lavish, with elements of tribal island themes with bamboo and leaf gazebos along the beaches.   Enno is the port that many vacationers come through to take their relaxation on the Dragon Turtle Islands. This landmass is widely known for being an Eden among the sea with numerous hotels and very high-end industries on the island. The towns that exist are large resorts that have housing and venues for the needs of life, general shops, blacksmiths, farms, breweries, and so on are all to be found on the Islands. They even have a better system to ward away the harsh weather that comes off the ocean than Nefra.  

Adventure hooks

  Tier 1: Sanitation duty: It is not uncommon for riff raff and undesirables to arrive on the Islands outside of Enno, usually in the form of pirates, goblins, merfolk and other creatures seen as pests. In return for your service in ridding these pests you will be given a voucher for a stay at the Islands.   Tier 2: Sabotage: The islands have seen an influx of people spouting doctrine against such hedonistic places as the resorts on the Dragon Turtle Islands, shortly after their arrival the weather wards have been experiencing fluctuation. Your group is hired to help protect and aid mages in the employ the of the resort owners to fix the damaged wards. They soon discover many wards purposely destroyed by disenchantment or destruction with weapons, then the group are ambushed by a group of shirtless humans with a thorned sword in purple tattooed across their chest. Those who are captured will bite their tongues off rather than answer questions, but one of them has a paper with writing in another language. You must now find out who is behind these attacks, and why.


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