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The city of coins is built in the shape of a hexagon like the gold pieces the people of the city lust after. The city is lined with large sandstone walls though a shanty town extends beyond those walls. Large gates with wooden doors and steel portcullis provide entry to the city, those with a keen eye might notice that the sandstone of the wall it is only a front layer covering granite walls.   There are three districts separated by walls within the city itself, The middle and top districts were made off a small mountain that was on the site, the middle tier halfway up the mountain, which itself had been worked into a hexagon shape as well. The middle district extended to the southwest further past the small mountain. For the richest district large angled supports reached out of the base of the hill to help support an extrusion of wood to support extensions from the useable land of the hill adding more living space above which also cast those poorer than them in the richest's shadows. The first district would be the poor district, those with enough money or skills to have a home inside the walls of the city, but only just barely. Packed dirt or gravel mark the roads of this district likewise the houses are little more than huts made of wood and thatch.   Entering into the second district you would travel up a man-made wooden ramp as each tier rests higher than the others. This district is further separated by a short wall more for division than protection, here there are cobblestone roads shaped into hexagon shapes and have proper lamp posts. The difference in house quality improves markedly with houses being made bigger and made of expensive wood and stone and proper shake roofs.   The third and most wealthy district looks almost like another world, there are only a few large mansions with large properties walled off. In the center of the rich district is the capital building, a pyramid where the Merchant-Lords rule over Ormir and the trade empire. The roads are the same as the last district but kept very clean with flowers and other small gardens lining the roads. This district is on the highest point of the mountain and onto the platforms that are supported off it.


The city is run by the Merchant-Lords, there are four of them and while the role can be achieved by anyone they are in practice hereditary passed from the parent to eldest child.


City walls and towers, strong navy and the Oressan Bridge.

Industry & Trade

Nefra is the hub of trade for most of the continent, it is said that all goods eventually flow through Ormir, and end up in Nefra at least once. While the Ormirian Trade Authority focuses mostly on water-based trade they do have and organize caravans for most of the continent.


Large docks, shielding to protect against hurricanes and tidal waves in the form of a magical lighthouse. Canals built into the mountain that is fed by magical water towers that produce water. In the lower districts water is brought in through canals which are purified by the same fish used in Escini and are used to supplement smaller versions of the water towers.   In the middle district and lower districts are most of the production areas of the city.

Guilds and Factions

The Adventurer's Guild has a large presence in the city as well as the Mage's Guild, but both are eclipsed by the Crafter's Guild and the Shadow-Lords. The Adamant is a rival to the Adventurer's Guild.


Many come to Nefra hoping to make it big in a city where anything can be bought, legally or otherwise. Others come there as part of the trade convoy, the city is always hosting a wide collection of various species both those on business and just visiting.


The theme of hexagons are prominent in the city, as they take to the theme of the City of Coins strongly. Their architecture takes a lot of influences from Art Deco style constructions, in particular bold sharp angles.
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