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Ormirian Oligarchy

The Ormirian Oligarchy is the power that runs the Merchant States of Ormir, they care little for the concerns of those without money and seek only to grow their own wealth and power regardless of who has to be stepped on along the way. This is just one of the many reasons they are hated by even their own people let alone the rest of the continent. It is said that the Merchant Lords who make up the Oligarchy have a reverence to the pure avarice and greed of the dragons and modeled their lust for coin after them, something some dragons find amusing, while others would prefer to distance themselves from the Orimirians for the rest of their nature.


Ormir is ruled by the Merchant lords of Nefra, there are five in total and the best way to describe how they rule is to compare them to organized crime families. Each lord controls everything within their territory from the large business deals to the people running rigged games of chance on the streets. They maintain their own forces for guards and military might. It is far from an ideal scenario for the people below the middle class but they at least do not have to worry about shakedowns for protection money as the lord already owns that place and so long as they have some profit the lords are happy to let the people continue doing what they want. Those with the most money have the most power in Ormir it is rare for there to be less than five of these Merchant-Lords. After one of the Merchant-Lords was caught dealing in ancient dragon relics and his death a new Merchant-Lord in the form of his son was appointed and while he stabilizes his position there is a great deal of turmoil in his holdings. The fifth slot is currently vacant following the turmoil surrounding the same event that saw a change in leadership.   The current Merchant Lords:   Radavaal-Amen   Sen-nu Wheatcrest   Katesch-Aheb   Rhotamenti Highglow   Khem-hotep Goldthorne


Commerce and wealth, trade and the acquisition of power and of course wealth are all most people in Ormir truly care for. Those who are exploited have been conditioned to desire to exploit others rather than seek to stop it. The very idea of a union is like heresy to the people of the country as they have been raised to think that way.

Demography and Population

60% human mostly Ormirian ethnicity, 20% Dwarves mostly those who have been exiled or those who work with the Adamant. Then smaller populations of other species.


The Merchant States of Ormir consists of the Carvethian Forest, Vertarin Lowlands, Silkpeak mountains, and the Dragon Turtle Islands.


The military for Ormir is broken up into two parts, the army, and the navy. The Army is something of a joke to other countries and even the Ormirians themselves, they are essentially ruffians and thugs taken off the street and given some cheaply made armor and weapons and made to kill and die for the merchant lords gain. The only strength they have is that there are large numbers of them. Thankfully for the Ormirians there is only one way to march an army to their territory and that is across the Oressan Bridge which is heavily defended and the Ormirians can throw many bodies to hold that bridge.   The Navy is another thing entirely, widely considered the best navy with the only rival being the Anrasha which is a rivalry that is hotly debated. The Ormirian Navy employs large galleons as the cornerstones of their fleets as well as numerous smaller brigandines and smaller support ships. The sailors and marines that crew these warships are well trained with well-made equipment. Given that Ormir is an island nation their powerful navy keeps them safe from nearly all attackers.


The god that sees the most worship is the Magistrate, though many would find that worship to be skewed heavily to focus on the gathering of wealth and power.

Foreign Relations

If there is more profit to be had in peace than they will be at peace, if war has more profit than war is declared. The Merchant Lords care little for anything other than profit and are not afraid to orchestrate a war if it will help them. The current 'Trade War' with Rhyderia was designed to do just that, the two forces have little chance of actually being able to come to conflict, but the Ormirians can now add new fees or charges to wares that are suspected to go to or come from Rhyderia.

Agriculture & Industry

Ormir is an industrial powerhouse having many districts dedicated to artisans to peddle their crafts, some merchants even having their own factories dedicated to creating goods for export.   Agriculture, however, they are quite weak only barely able to supply the majority of their own crops.

Trade & Transport

There is a saying that all trade goes through Ormir, while it isn't exactly true the vast majority of trade does go through Ormir something the Ormirians want desperately and a standard part of their trade deals is that those selling them their products must do so directly to the Ormirians, who then can sell it themselves elsewhere. Given the ability of the Ormirian merchants to turn raw goods into something useable or buy in large quantities it is a necessary evil for some farmers, miners, and other professions.


The people of Ormir have a good financial education and most are good at sailing and organization skills. Very few are able to afford private tutors and there is no public school systems in Ormir instead they take a work-study approach where you must purchase an apprenticeship with someone to learn from them.
Financial, Merchant League
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Refined goods, products, fish, potions, just about anything that was harvested and sold to them from lumber to siege weapons.
Major Imports
Food is amount of the imported goods, but in truth, you can find just about anything you are looking for and several things you didn't know you were looking for on the docks of Ormir's cities, Nefra in particular.
Legislative Body
The Merchant Lords create the laws that are followed within the areas under that Lords control.
Judicial Body
The Ormirian Trade Authority (OTA) is the financial power of the Ormirians and the nearest thing they have to a normal government. The council of advisors determines the policies and rules that govern the business of all within Ormir and those that wish to do business with them. Rumor has it they use many agents and mages capable of finding out information on other countries and their needs and ability to produce goods for determining prices. Nearly every merchant and trader hate the OTA, but they also know that they have all the power as nothing moves through Ormir trade channels without a valid manifest and stamp from the OTA. One of the worst punishments an OTA agent can do is ban a person from having business done with them, as such these agents wield their power rather bluntly and often grow rich on bribes to overlook infractions.
Controlled Territories


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