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Vertarin Lowlands

Waca   Large City; The population of 8,423 is largely human (37%), Elves (18%), and dwarves (10%) with smaller numbers of other races. Smaller Egyptian style city with only a central pyramid located in the center to serve as a town hall. Aside from the pyramid, it would be easy to mistake this city for one from another country as it has many immigrants trying to get a foot into the merchant culture of Ormir.   Waca would be considered a wealthy city in any other province but when you must compare it to Nefra even its large wealth looks like a peasant state. The city is the second largest trade hub. Some have referred to it as Shadow Nefra as it seems like majority of the business dealings of the Shadow-Lords go through the port of Waca. There are some rather exquisite private mansions around Waca that are homes to the most powerful and wealthy with even some of the Merchant-Lords of Ormir having dwellings there. This leads to a hushed rumor that the two types of lords are the same group under a different name. Any who say that above a whisper often find themselves the victim of some rather unfortunate accidents or have a rather sudden change of heart with a fearful look in their eye if it is ever mentioned around them.  

Adventure hooks

  Tier 1: Sea Goblins: Grindylows and possibly even worse, goblin pirates have taken to setting traps along the waterways that can go undetected with many ships going by unhindered only to randomly spring on one ship which is then swarmed by rowboats full of goblin pirates and Grindylows crawling from below. You are tasked with stopping these attacks by finding their base of operation, killing them all and freeing any prisoners they have.   Tier 2: Here thar be turtles: The Dragon Turtle Islands to the south get their name for more than simply resembling the head of one of the great beasts but they serve as a breeding ground for the monsters. One of the creatures has ventured north and started attacking shipping lanes. Two groups seek your aid in dealing with the creature, the dockmaster is willing to pay a large sum of gold to have the beasts shell decorate his docks. While an old druidic sailor asks for you to help him speak to the creature and convince it to take up another residence so that it can live in peace. He has no coin to offer but offers to give them an old magic item he has had from his younger days.


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