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Carvethian Forest


  Metropolis; The population of 249,550 is largely human (57%) and Dwarves (15%) with smaller numbers of other races. Egyptian architecture with a central pyramid for the major business of the Merchant-Lords. Streets with coin-shaped tiles and magical lights with massive mansions and great stonework buildings in the more affluent areas. In the slums, there is dirt and mud with boards to help accommodate travel if they are lucky. Oil lanterns, and mud and thatched buildings make up the slum living. Throughout the city are large canals that hold fresh water that is constantly produced and cycled by elaborate magical water production facilities.   Nefra sits on a major bay that has constant traffic in the form of ships, there are large stretches of pristine beaches. Most of the city is built on flat grassland that has been largely paved over. A single large plateau stands above the rest of the city with the central pyramid of commerce at its center. The city is built on layers with the most influential at the top with manufactured platforms around the side that casts constant shadows over those below in the lowest slums. The next level is the middle class where most merchant shops are as well as the Adventurers guild hall is located. The slums are the term for anything under the middle class and is on the ‘ground floor’ under the plateau and extends far beyond the city’s walls. Life in the slums is about as terrible as it can get due to rampant crime and the lack of justice for all in Nefra. There is no temple of the Justiciar in Nefra, this leads to the rule of law being much weaker. If someone with more money wants you arrested for something, they only need to make the proper bribes. This has been done to force people to work for the wealthy rather often, usually as a response to refusing the initial offer of employment.   Tropical year round, the wards in place to dissipate major storms keep the city in that state, save for occasional rainstorms which are used to help fortify the city’s water reserves and keep those who have yards grass green. Should the wards fail they are subject to the weather that comes in off the ocean which would be rough on the inhabitants of the city, more so those in the slums.    
Adventure hooks
  For low levels Cleaning House: The underhanded business of the Shadow-Lords is cutthroat and one must always be striving to maintain their worth or face termination. Many bandit groups are often funded knowingly or not by one of the Shadow-Lords and give a cut of their take to their patron. When a group has outlived their usefulness, under performs, or threatens to bring their activities into the light of day they are terminated. This often takes the form of sending their own guards to deal with it, but if they can they prefer to use it to recruit new help by getting adventurer’s, thugs, or those desperate enough for coin to deal with the problem for them. This is such a case; a small-time crime boss sends the party to deal with a group that has been a problem for him. Only to find that they were under the protection of his Shadow-Lord, who sends a representative to the group with an offer to make restitution for their part by killing the crime boss and perhaps earn a spot among their organization. Or they might work with the boss to try and gain power or bring the activities of the Shadow-Lord into the open.


The northern portion of Ormir that also holds the capital city Nefra, most of the forest is a dense forest under tropical conditions year-round, though during spring and fall they experience many storms.


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