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Ozari Declaration of War

The Ozari had two methods of declaring a war, which is something the Ozari practiced for but were slow to partake in. The declaration was made by the ruler cutting a length of their hair, such as a ponytail. This is given to a royal messenger to present to the leader of the other combatants. The longer the hair on an Ozari ruler the more peace-loving they were, and it became a point of pride for the rulers to keep their hair as long as they could. There was of course more meaning to the Ozari as it was a largely symbolic gesture a means to prove their resolve going into the war other countries didn't view it the same.   When a messenger arrived they carried a written declaration that had the cut hair with it, the written declaration was the more widely accepted one, the hair seen as a signature more than the meaning it had to the Ozari.   While the Ozari have passed into legend many of their practices still persist and while Rhyderia has its enemies they have not had cause to invoke this tradition, at least not yet.


To the Ozari the purpose of this style of deceleration was to show everyone that the ruler and by extension their country was determined to go to war. Often the ruler would make a public display of cutting their hair and make the declaration to their people. If this was done often the ruler would have little hair to give to the declaration and they would be viewed as a warmonger and carry little respect. Should a ruler with long hair remove theirs it meant it was a serious issue and often gained the respect and full attention of the people.
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