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Silver Sentinel

The Silver Sentinel is the silent stoic guardian that observes the goings-on of the throne room of Rhyderia's Castle Skycrest. Ever silent the Sentinel is a thing of mystery even to those they protect, some believe that the Sentinel is actually an extremely advanced Golem either created by House Orior to protect the royal family or the Draz Tyran to keep an eye on the Rhyderians. A third option has begun to spread in the belief that the Silver Sentinel is of Ozari make and was discovered and resumed a centuries-old task that had been previously removed.   There is the belief that the Silver Sentinel is a Knight who takes on a vow to protect the royal family and remain in silence for the rest of their life. When their life is coming to an end they pass on the mantle to one they feel is worthy of the task and the burden. There have been many knights who have tried to court the Sentinel to teach them and allow them to become their successor, but it is unknown if they ever accomplished this task as any who remained steadfast to that ambition are not seen again.   Regardless of the original one thing is clear for over a hundred years the Silver Sentinel has been in the right place to protect the royal family from malicious attempts to influence them. While the Silver Sentinel has been adopted by the royal family the Sentinel remains autonomous answering to seemingly no one and stays to their task with single-minded devotion.


The ability to sense magic being used, and an unparalled skill in combat.


Only the previous SIlver Sentniel can pass on the mantle to a new one, assuming that is even what happens.


Protecing the leader of Rhyderia and their family from the influence of magical beings.

Accoutrements & Equipment

A set of full plate armor and helmet that obscures the person within. The gauntlets of the armor are able to dispel magic with a touch. The Greatsword is able to sunder magical items short of artifacts.


The existeance of the Silver Sentinel only came into existance after the Calamity at the end of the Dark Age. It became found out that the leadership of Rhyderia had their minds poisoned by malicious magic from an unknown source. Sadly that magic only brought out what was already there, the worst parts of humanity drawn forth and twisted in the direction to turn the once great nation into the dragon hunters that brought down the wrath of a god.   The Silver Sentinel appeared one day in the court of the new King of Rhyderia, refusing to bow and bearing arms in the form of a large greatsword. The King ordered his guards to apprehend the Sentinel who with casual ease incapacitated the guards and advanced on the King drawing their sword for the first time and cleaved the crown in half while still on the King's head breaking the source of the malevolant curse that was biding its time to corrupt the King. From this point on the Silver Sentinel maintains a stoic presence in the throne room of the King/Queen ever watchful for someone attempting to influence the King/Queen or their family with magic.

Cultural Significance

The guardian of the King and their family against malevolent forces that would corrupt them and turn them to ruinous purpose.
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