The Ever rolling, Luck master, God of Dice

The random hand of fate, the god of luck Theradin is a commonly praised or cursed god depending on someone's luck. He has no other depictions of himself as he is known by the same name to all the beings of Belthuran. No one really knows if he is their friend or foe as he has harmed and helped many gods and beings in seemingly random ways or times. While other gods are said to be the creators of fate Theradin is the one who always appears to be the one responsible for fated events that were thought of as luck. He appears as a chaotic being at first moving at random, but those who follow him know there is a reason for his actions and that he rarely acts without a plan.   Theradin himself rarely appears to anyone, or if he does, they do not know it is him. His manipulations are often subtle, however, in his stead, his primary servant, the fate known as either Misfortune or Lady Luck has been well documented appearing to mortals. This fate takes on a female form with either aspect being indistinguishable from the other until after the good or bad luck has befallen who they have appeared too. They are said to appear as the same race as the one they are visiting often shown as having red hair and green eyes with a pale skin tone when in humanoid forms when applicable.

Divine Domains

Travel, Luck, Gambling, & Fate   Domains: Freedom, Luck, Travel, Trickery   Sphere: Luck, fate the roll of the dice.

Holy Books & Codes

The Tapestry is an artifact that is said to be able to be used to see the fate of anyone or anything in the mortal realm, and while it very accurately does this the problem with fate is that it is ever-shifting and oftentimes learning about your fate changes it for good or ill.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

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Tenets of Faith

It is better to be lucky than good. Fortune favors the bold. A good gamble is worth taking.


Theradin has a holy day known as ‘The Day of Dice’ despite the name it is a day for playing games of all kinds, the most favored are games of chance and luck. Carnivals and other traveling shows are often attended on those days and so the wandering entertainers have made it a point to always be in a city when the date rolls around.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

For many, the whims of Theradin are thought to be just that the randomness of luck made manifest. Others say that Theradin is the true master of fate and weaves his intricate games of chance and luck to further a particular thread of fate or to curtail another. Even these believers cannot say if these manipulations of fate are for good or ill though.
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Divine Classification

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