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  The south pole of Habrea serves as the large font of profane energies into the material plane and as such, it is a true hellscape where only the insane would think to eke out a living. That is what most think of the southernmost continent, and for the most part, they are accurate the coasts are all horrid evil places that pervert life in all forms. As you move in closer though the nation of Ziggara rests within a verdant paradise an oasis of life within a desert of death and decay. The nation is named after their 'god' Ziggara managed to gather a powerful following of the unfortunate souls that had the misfortune to evolve in this terrible landscape. Through countless sacrifices to the Baron of Hell, the land was turned lush and fertile. A common saying of this land is 'Blood makes the grass grow.' To them, blood sacrifices are a way of life and they believe that their god is the only god, all others are false and must be torn down.   While Ziggarans is a plague to many places in the material plane there is very little actual information about Ziggara itself, most assume that it is a he given how the Ziggarans talk about him. What is known is that he has four pit fiends that serve as his religions 'angels' often possessing a willing mortal champion to further the reach of Ziggara and thus themselves, these 'angels' have the same names as figures of destruction to other people, Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War. To the Ziggarans they serve as a beacon against those unwanted fates and that the followers of Ziggara must give of themselves and others to these champions to stave off these terrible things.
Divine Classification
Baron of Hell

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