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Hegemony of Ziggara

Work in Progress


The Hegemony of Ziggara is based around a single archpriest or rather, avatar. The Avatar of Ziggara willingly gave their soul to Ziggara to become one of his 'angels' (Devil) and had their body filled with the essence of one of Ziggara's top devil servants. After that there are Paladins known as Archons, then priests known as Proclaimers. The proclaimers have their own rankings based on the favor they have with their 'god'.


The Hegemony of Ziggara is considered grossly barbaric in the eyes of other people, they believe in a saying called, 'Blood makes the grass grow' because they give sentient sacrifices to Ziggara to allow their homeland to flourish and be fertile and lush. Ritualistic sacrifices are commonplace and even considered an honor by the devoted masses. While most of this is beyond the oceans there are agents of Ziggara on every continent working to undermine the other so-called gods and spread their belief in Ziggara.

Public Agenda

To spread the belief that Ziggara is the one true God and all others are heretical imposters that banded together to seal away Ziggara. Through the strengthening of the Hegemony of Ziggara, their god will be free and able to destroy all the imposters and bring an era of peace and prosperity to the world.


The entire nation of Ziggara is devoted to the cause and sends Archons and proclaimers to other nations to undermine their faiths and weaken them for eventual invasion by the willing zealot legions. When outside their borders the members of the Hegemony must work to create a network of operatives and often use small cults to gather resources and followers, these cults are led by a proclaimer with the Archons serving as enforcers if the need arises.

Glory to the One God

Religious, Organised Religion
Government System
Economic System


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