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Elements of Morality

Within the sphere of Belthuran the Arcane is vital, what is vital to the Arcane though are the various elements that make it up and those elements have influences on the world beyond just serving to make it liveable. When someone speaks of elementals most would assume that to mean the four primary of Air, Earth, Fire, and water. Within Belthuran that is true but not the complete array of the elements for the spectrum of alignment is also represented as elements. Many will refer to the celestial and profane fonts as blanket terms for all good and all evil that is not entirely true. There are the elements of chaos, evil, good, and law that work with and against each other just like the more commonly referred to elements. Aside from the more commonly observed outsiders associated with these elements, there are elementals of those alignments as well but they are exceptionally rare to see, at least in the same way an earth elemental might be seen. The influence of these elementals is felt though, those who naturally feel inclined to do good are influenced by the good elemental, while those with evil in their hearts have been influenced by evil. While this has spawned countless debates on the morality of punishing an evil person if they were being guided by something else to do evil.  
"We are each of us always being tempted by any of the elements of morality, every time you have ever thought for even a brief moment to steal something, to harm someone, to stand up against what you feel is wrong you are hearing the influence of the elements in your mind and soul. They have no power to force you to do anything, you are free to make your choices but must also suffer the consequences of that choice. Freedom is the benefit of mortality and so those who choose a path must bear its consequence." -Balphdurin
  This standpoint has been adopted by most people of Savorah though the person who is credited with saying it changes depending on species and or preferences of the one using the quote.  
Alignment in game
Alignment can be played as normal or the player can start as neutral and shift based on their actions through both in-game actions and any events in their backstories. The more someone follows an alignment path the more compelled they are to remain in that path, they can still take actions against their alignment but they will often feel wrong about it or get a sick feeling in their stomachs, no be able to sleep well, and so on.   The rules for casting spells tied to alignments and the followers of a god remain the same their faiths are tied into those morality elements as well.


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