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A race of strange beings some try to classify them as aberrations or monsters. They are most closely related to vampires, even though they are not undead. The race itself does not rely on feeding on blood, instead they are ‘Thought vampires’ in that they feed off the energy within the mind. The Musealar have no mouth and instead speak and interact telepathically, they do have the ability to shapeshift themselves to better blend into other societies. A peculiarity of the Musealar is that they are incapable of creating new works of art or thought, instead they take on a symbiotic relationship with other races by offering their unique powers to inspire great minds of other races and then take those same ideas for use in their own society.   A danger does exist for the Musealar that go out into the world to do this, the danger is that they can become addicted to the types of thoughts and indulgences of other races. It has happened where these Musealar become addicted to the vices of other minds and put themselves into positions of society to become a glutton eventually needing more and more stimulation.   No one is sure exactly where the Musealar have a city some think they live underground to stay out of the light, this is a misconception based on the vampire part of their nickname. The Musealar have places they can go to transport themselves home, a wild theory is that they live on one of the moons of the world as some have described a forest not like the Emerald Cove Jungle. If this is true, then their home is on the verdant moon of Shalzura and are the only known beings to be able to come and go from the moon.

Basic Information


The Musealar are near human in terms of height and weight however, they have an appearance more resembling a doppelganger in its true form. They lack a mouth as they do not need to eat and instead they gain sustenance from mental energy of others they aid, they speak to others telepathically. When they change forms to a creature with a mouth, they can speak using that, but they do not need to eat or drink still as the transformation doesn’t change their diet or appetites instead the transformation offers them a way to satisfy their appetite. They tend to have longer heads due to a larger brain giving their head the silhouette of a squid without the tentacles.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The society of the Musealar is dedicated to the gathering and collection of great works of art, architecture, science, and so on. Their cities are like museums showing every great work they have ever helped create. Much of their time spent in their home is spent taking in the splendor of the works trying to commit them to memory so if they need to, they can replicate them. The Musealar follow their High-Muse, the former highest ranked angel of the Virtuoso who is said to still can contact their patron directly if needed.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Musealar are a thing of legend to nearly every society, but that said they are welcome in every society because of their ability to blend in with others and that they often are a source of inspiration and can bring good fortune to those they visit. They can also bring misery if they become addicted and need greater and greater gluttonous feasts from the people of the city, they have found themselves in.
Adventurers: As rare as the Musealar are to find it is even rarer to find one so openly risking their life in the field of adventuring, they are more often found in some supporting role to adventurers. The rare few who do become adventurers have their work cut out for them as they can’t innovate on the fly like others, but they do have the benefit of knowledge from the stories of those who have made it out alive. They will often cite a passage or example of a famous group’s combat with a similar creature or a tactic. Their ability to help creativity in others can make up for such a limitation though as they are excellent at aiding others.


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