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Kindralth, The Crystal Moon

Looking up into the sky at night any could notice among the moons the crystal moon, it is perpetually full leading to it having the unique name of Gaze for its phase. Draconic legends say that it is the physical form of the very first dragon born in Belthuran, Kindralth’Shaletal the Firstborn, son of the Worldforger. Early in the Anrasha's history, they worshiped the crystal moon and the Firstborn as the Moon Serpent, opposite of the Sun Dragon who was the Tyrannus at the time.
  To all people, the crystal moon is something to be looked upon with awe, but to certain groups, it takes on even more meaning. To the Lycanthropes of the world, they do not fear the gaze of the crystal moon for it does not transform them instead they can feel calm during the night. Scorathi mages believe that the crystal moon is a blessing to those who practice magic, given how magic can increase in power during a blood moon of Kindralth they seem to have a fair bit of evidence to that belief. For most monarchs, it is a symbol of the Lunar King, their justification for their divine right to rule, when every commoner can look up and see high above the sky the symbol of a king they are hard-pressed to not believe that their leader is chosen for their role.
  To the dragons, however, it perhaps means the most for it holds a very special role in their lives. Shortly after the eggs of a dragon are laid they are set upon an altar to fall under the gaze of Kindralth where they shall be marked by their Birthsign. The egg is exposed to the silvery-blue light of Kindralth and numerous constellations appear until all but one fade away, revealing the Birthsign of the dragon and imparting the knowledge that comes with that. The dragons believe life does not begin until this moment, the light from Kindralth is the stairway that the dragon's soul travels along to enter the egg and be bound to their new body to start their new life.


Looking upon the moon you can see that it isn't a perfectly smooth sphere, instead of along its equator there is a series of mountain-sized spires of crystal said to be the back spines of the Firstborn. The way the shadows play off the surface of the moon leads to many thinking they can see the face of the Firstborn or perhaps a wing though as no one has ever been to the surface of Kindralth they cannot be certain. When looked at through a telescope the surface is mostly uneven with random ravines or crevices littering the landscape, the odd thing is there appear to be no craters from impacts from other celestial objects.

Fauna & Flora

As far as anyone can tell there is nothing living on the surface of Kindralth, while most people would assume this to be true many mages believe that the surface and perhaps even beneath the surface is home to Arcane Elementals of various forms.

Natural Resources

Living crystal, gems of unknowable quality, suspected vast quantities of Arcane Hearts for enchanting.


It is said around the midpoint of the First Age the Firstborn ascended into the Sea of Stars to watch over Belthuran from above. Time has a habit of eroding the truth of things so many discount this as truth instead choosing to believe that the crystal moon is an artifact of sorts a thing to remind the people below that he does exist and that he is watching.


Many would love to travel to the surface of Kindralth to learn and understand more of the moon, the moon itself blocks teleportation attempts made to reach its surface which mages have described as a wall that is both overwhelming and perfect in its composition. They refer to the magic of its makeup, in that there are no flaws to exploit so far no attempts to dispel the barrier have succeeded.   Another concern is the suspected lack of ability to breathe on the surface of Kindralth, but that is only a secondary concern if one cannot even reach the moon.
Alternative Name(s)
The Crystal Moon, Kindralth’Shaletal
Planetoid / Moon


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