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  The common belief is that only Sorcerers can be a Scorathi while they make a perfect fit they are not the only ones. Druids, warlocks, and even some clerics can fit into the Scorathi depending on their own views or those of their deity/patron. It is possible for an Artificer or Wizard to exist within the Scorathi. They are however considerably different than the Tavori or even unaligned Artificers or Wizards. Instead of trying to simply siphon off magic without giving anything back, they seek a balance between the almost spiritual connection many Scorathi have to the Arcane with logic and reason. A Scorathi Wizard is more like a philosopher trying to understand the mysteries of the Arcane without trying to trap and use it. An Artificer imparts will into their creations causing magic to flow through it and they seek always to create something greater either for their own glory or to venerate the Arcane. There are a great many of the Scorathi Artificers in the Kobold city of Xoln. It is rare to find those of either profession who become a Scorathi later in life, having preconceptions about how magic should work or how even the world is can stymie their practice and as such, the most successful Scorathi are those who were born into it.   A core concept they teach is: Become one with the Arcane and you will begin to understand it.  

Scorathi casting

  They do not use intricate binding circles to harness and trap magic, preferring to let magic flow through them guiding it rather than commanding it (in most cases, as trying to command magic rarely ends well) A wizard's spellbook is full of their notes and connections on how to create the spells. They can copy a spell into their spellbook as normal but they spend time working out how to recreate the effect without needing to imprison the magic to do it. Artificers are similar to that but also int eh creation of magic items and their item based spells.


A council of Archmages headed up by a Grandmaster level mage known as the Council of Mentors and Archon respectively. The Council of Mentors is created by the Mentors the Archon and Council agree upon. As a result, there are mentors that are not on the council for various reasons such as too young, too narrowly focused, or just not a good fit for the role, too hands-on and less about the big picture. These mentors act as teachers to the Apprentices, and advisors to the Venators.  
  • Archon
  • Council of Mentors
  • Mentors
  • Venator
  • Apprentice


Magic as a natural thing, a living force of the world, its lifeblood, an entity in of itself. To try and control it is slavery, to siphon from it is to steal from it and give nothing in return. Magic is a give and take relationship. To understand magic is to fully immerse yourself within it. Magic is sentient and has a will of its own treat it as an ally rather than a tool.

Public Agenda

Teach their method of using magic to the magically inclined of the world, educate the common folk about magic, and that it should not be feared nor should those who wield it be hated or reviled.


The Scorathi Sanctum is a new home built in an ancient place. One of the ruins in Xalandis has become the home of the Scorathi the newest building a sanctum built by the Scorathi and the aid of the Xolnite Kobolds. Since the construction of the sanctum, the town around it has been slowly refurbished to accommodate those Scorathi who choose to live near the sanctum.   Alchemical and magical reagents Magical armor, items, and weapons Library


The most common religion in the Scorathi is Aren'Valesh and the Firstborn. They do follow the general trends of certain religions being barred, such as The Sunderer, Blightbringer, and Tyrant as an example.

Agriculture & Industry

The Scorathi produce enchanted items, potions, balms, and elixirs of all sorts. Other than this they are not much in the way of an industrial or agricultural power.

Knowledge is Understanding

Education, Magic
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Legislative Body
The Council of Mentors and the Archon create the rules for the Scorathi.
Judicial Body
The Council of Mentors and the Archon.
Related Traditions


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