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The weeping maid of greendahl hill

Greendahl hill, a small town with a populace of friendly people. It is always sunny, never gets too cold or too warm and is located in the most stable of all regions. Nothing could be wrong with this town right?      
One day when the town of Greendahl hill barely stood, a mother lived there with her three children. Her husband was a soldier, who had died in the war. Her parents had died long ago and her siblings were never born. She was alone, except for her three children. A boy and two girls. One day she came home after shopping for groceries when she found her children, dead. They had died from multiple stab-wounds. The town wanted nothing to do with it, and did not find the killer. And one day, the women walked out of her house and was never seen again. Some said they could hear crying in the hills around the town, but it could never be traced.   Years later, just after winter had made way for spring, a tribunal was called for a man who had committed an atrocious crime. The man had killed five children, but he claimed it was only in self-defense. He said the children had gone mad. From one moment to another, they had looked at him with red eyes of hatred. They had opened their mouths and Weeped, before they attacked him. No one believed him, and he hanged that day.   A week later, a man was walking through the streets of Greendahl, when he heard a strange wailing. He heard the sound of a woman's cry behind him. He turned around but saw nothing. Later he came to a house from where he heard the same sound. After that, it sounded like a struggle, and then a scream. A loud, suffocatingly, aerie scream. Like someone had died just then and there. The scream faded and children started crying. He opened the door to find two parents, dead. They were both stabbed, while their children were sitting next to them, crying.   The killers were never found, but a year later, the man heard the wailing again. Coming from the fields outside of the town. He started following it until he came to a tree. There was a woman standing underneath it. The woman was crying when she turned around and two little kids walked up from behind the tree. They started crying as well and pulled out knives. The man stammered and fell backward when the little kids ran at him. He screamed as he was ripped to shreds by the weeping maid's minions.   So beware, when you go too Greendahl hill. Avoid children and when you hear the sound of weeping, run. For the weeping maid of Greendahl hill will get you.

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