The coming Sky Fire

A "Supposed" Coming Destruction...

There is a nasty stereotype that is continually renewed due to a simple conspiracy theory. One that tells of coming doom that will swallow the land in hellfire. It's the reason why the Copper Mount Militia is seen as a group of just fearful people. While some of us believe it, the evidence for it is unfounded.


When the old world ended, it was because of a great evil that fled to the stars and will one day return. To help combat this, we were guided to Reserve Arsenal Delta so we may be granted the tools to defeat this coming evil, who will rain great spears of fire from the sky. Which will tear the land and nature asunder. An emotionless, massive being that will have no mercy and will mark the end of our world as it flows over the landscape.

Historical Basis

I believe this is why many of the records currently locked in the vault deep within the Reserve Arsenal stay out of circulation. My first task when I was assigned my position was to go over the many manifests, and some exclusive material. To someone who only read those materials part of the way through, I could see how they could come to this conclusion.   I, however, have read them all the way through. Its a total slog and I don't recommend it.   The fire mentioned in this myth is that of nuclear warheads, which are explained in a survival guide about them. The great being that would one day return was old star charts that tracked ship take-offs from an as of yet unfound launch site. I can see why this scared some people as the pictures in the book of explosions that big is un-nerving. However, I think the fear that some of my peers share is unfounded. Maybe there is something I'm missing, but I highly doubt it.


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