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Soul Tree

The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.

What goes around comes around

  This is one of the common stories told to children by their respective parents. On Earth, there used to be a humongous tree that contain the soul of the deceased. The soul contained in this tree turned into variety of concentrated vivid energy that floats inside this translucent tree. If your mortal bodies leaving your husk of a flesh and starts to ascend to the spirit realm. That's when this tree will greet you, by asking "Are you done?"   If you say Yes, then the tree cavity-like shape will starts to open up. Allowing your soul to become one with the tree. With this you will become one with the world once again, going back into a raw spirit energy that will nourish the tree.   If you say No, then you'll be given a chance to finish things that you need to finish within the next sixty hours. You'll be given a incorporeal form that can materialize on mortal realm once again to convey your message. Once you're done, you can become one with the tree and complete the ascending process. If you're not done however, your time is up. You will be trapped on mortal realm with you incorporeal form with little to no change to go back.   That's why parents told their children to be kind to oneself and be supportive to one another. So, they have no more regrets when the time has come.

Can I talk to the Soul Tree while I'm alive?

  Yes, sometimes you can commune with the tree from your dreams. The repress emotion usually grief, could summon the tree when your rapid eye movement occurs on your sleep. Since Soul Tree is a collective soul from majority of the being from the mortal realm. That's why when someone just lost a family member or someone that they cherish. It is uncommon to hear that they got a visitation from the tree. Saying that the tree tries to convey something to them from the dream.

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