Pact of Eurani

"Surely you don't believe..." Flora a was arguing with Amarat .     "What, that the Pledge of Eurani treaty has a secret codicil for mutual self-defence? I do, I've read the actual treaty. And it's not a secret codicil, either, it was the point of the treaty."   "You mean the treaty translation?"   "What, no, I read the original in Dawn Moniqan ."   "Shows what you know, the original was in Alessian ."   "No it wasn't, the treaty was proposed in Dawn Moniqan and ratified in each language as it spread through the pledge-takers.  From Alessian to @Brunswic, Brescia, Bleg..."   "So you've seen an original?"   "I've seen an original with the original Goguryeo signature as a backer of the treaty. While he was formally allied, he was a sort of third party to the treaty in the first version. Basically, he was proposing his aid, if they'd ally for self -defence, at the time, he was what we'd call a Superpower."   "He didn't?"   "Everyone thinks the treaty was about free markets, but the markets weren't free that long ago, the silk road through Hand , Magrat and Friuli made sure of that."   "What's Magrat got to do with this?"   "Back then, Magrat was an enemy of the Pledged Nations, an imperialist set of horse lords not unlike the later Qing , led by the fierce Thundyris . They then got the bright idea to tax everything flowing through their land, which, due to geography, was a natural choke point for part of the continent."   "But Magrants are the quiet sort, certainly not brutal horse barbarians."   "The current Magrants are mingled with the Brescians , the Friulans and even the Brunswicki , they've been watered down considerably."   "But you said the Friuli were also taxing..."   "Yeah, they weren't nice then... Tell me, did you enjoy Wien?"   "You know I did, was really sweet of you to take me there for that long weekend of leave. And yeah, I was amazed, it's so nice there, and everything is so quaint and peaceful."   "Bunda, on the river Panshth, is very nice too, Alessian architecture."   "Ever been to Pickt?"   "The Grand Unified Kingdom of Pickt, Mannheim, Dejoisey Deguernsey and Kelty? Yeah, I have, but I felt out of place there."   "They're famous for not liking 'privileged' folks, and you certainly qualify, Namei Amarat."   "Hey, I work hard for the privileges I have as a Kon."   "I meant your privileges of birth, silly, not everyone starts life in a mansion with a butler, assorted nannies and maids, and Meihomei as his honour-mother ."   "How... how did you find that out?"   "That she was your honour-mother? She invited me for Low Tcha , as a Meritant of Honor, I got to ask questions."   "How come I didn't get invited for Low Tcha with Meihomei as a Meritant of Honor?"   "Because, as a Feyd, Bameimeito, Na-Domei of Garay, and son of the Domei of Garay, not to mention her honour-child, you've had Low Tcha so often it's unremarkable?"   "It would be if it was the truth."   "Aww, poor you, you only got to do Low Tcha once a year?"   "No, never, just High Tcha."   "Oh, with the carpet?"   "The carpet and the ritual pouring specialist, the four thuribles for fire, the three carafes for water, the two urns of earth and the empty vase of air, and the bodyguards taking the first sips, the court priest or sorcerer saying the prayers. And with Hamburg, that got funny quickly."   "Oh, his prayers are funny?"   "So brief it's funny, it's like he wants to be anywhere but there."   "Fits with the man named after his habit of shooting people with wands at point-blank range. Have you heard the rumours about him?"   "What rumours?"   "That he's carrying on with a mother-daughter pair?"   "For the love of all that is holy, please don't mention that around Hamburg, Maelle or Presiding-in-green Sealer."   "What, wait?"   "Just... don't. I don't know what's going on, but until we know more, let's err on the side of caution..."   "But wait..."   "Meihomei's own court mage had been courting one of her magistrates? Yes. He's on track to becoming presiding-in-silver Schweinfurt? Yes, not even controversial, judges marrying other judges, the system already accounts for all sorts of conflicts of interest. When a judge adopts your own commanding officer? And is carrying on with a sorcerer on the side? And that sorcerer gets into duels? Hmm let's just say, we don't want to rile up either Maelle or any of her parents."   "Adoptive parents, right?"   "Yeah, Carita Comma and Vredefort Comma died when she was 13."

Historical Basis

Originally meant as a self-defence pact, the industrious Eurani turned it into a commercial free-trade agreement over centuries, and enjoyed prosperity as a result, making the largest customs-free exchange zone in Arnd. Military Adventurism on the part of the original guarantor(Goguryeo) led first to him splintering off his nation into two, and the wars between both halves made the Pledge Nations amend the pledge to exclude Moniq and Goguryeo from their required assistance lists.


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