"Primo, we need to secure something to drink." That was Amarat Veneer Junior .   "What'what?" Flora Rolli  replied.   "What's what?"   "You said pree-mo, that's not Kagomine."   "Oh, it's Bescan, it's from my trip there."   "You've been to Eurania?"   "Bescia, and Tannhauser, yes, Capri, Anvers and Wien."   "What was that like?"   "They're beauiful places with such a pleasant weather, except in Brescia, it's much nicer than here, like a year-long summer."   "Oh, I never thought Kagomei to be an example of unstable weather."   "It's not, not compared to New Etrusca, anyways, or the south of New Lolland."   "Oh?"   "Polisky too, is nice, but it's not included in classical Eurania."   "Oh, why?"   "They only signed the pact twenty years ago, after much agitation."   "Oh, so a recent inductee."   "Precisely."   "And their women?"   "What about them?"   "Surely, there's something to the rumors of the Eurani being the most beautiful women in the world."   "No, not quite. They do have very beautiful women, but no more beautiful than other places, unless you like them a specific color."   "Oh?"   "They have more Jet-Blacks and Fire Reds than most places."   "And that's not to your preference?"   "I happen to like my ladies in colors that let their hair make them shine." Pointedly hinting


~10 000 000 km^2 of peninsula
Included Locations
Inhabiting Species
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