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Alessian Ethnicity

In Alessian: "Tosque piei, tosque falme dolge." (Welcome, friend, welcome to square island)   "Cueriler piei, imo cuechlero?" (Thanks friend, is it so visible?)   Switching back to Kagomine Language:   "No, not visible at all, if I hadn't seen you before, or didn't know who you were. But I am tasked with my government's greetings as well as my own. Welcome, Ambassador."   "Ah, no blessing ever comes alone, eh? Who told you I was coming?"   "Err, I was sternly instructed by no less than the President of the Republic himself. But I suspect his wife is the one who is afraid you'll be offended, somehow."   "His wife?"   "Duchess Annunzia Dell'Auro, Arch-duchess of Reimund-Bregundy, Duchess of Wualfi."   "Oh, we've met."   "Hey Amarat, who's your friend?"   "Hey light of my days, the gentleman haven't introduced themself."   "I am Representative Guillaume Gauthier, representative of Eutebia Island, honoured to welcome such distinguished guests."   "A representative, what's that?"   "I am elected to the Eurani parliament to represent my fellow citizens. Hhmm, I hear you Kagomine aren't big fans of democracy..."   "We hold no hostility to it, but it's been used against it's people before, so we are rather cautious about it... Eutebia Island's rather large, wouldn't that make you the equivalent of a small king, in terms of influence?"   "Eutebia has, thank the elements, twelve million citizens, I am proud to represent so many."   "Twelve.. million?" Flora looked unsteady.   "Just like the Domei of Megamisama..."   "Who do I know who speaks of such numbers casually?" Flora looked at Amarat, who looked back.... Until she said: "Wait... you were that?"   "I was the Bameimeito, that made me Domei of Megamisama by law. Let's not dwell on that, we are in Eutebia, the famous land of cheeses, olives, wine and theatre."   "Theatre?"   "Eutebia's not the powerhouse Cannae is, but we are fervent appreciators of the art here as well. Please do let me know if I can arrange for you to see a production in the city."  
  Later, in their hotel room.   "Please don't tell me you expect to accept his offer?"   "I would be ill advised to refuse, it is a powerful tool of diplomacy, to show one's face to such an event, appreciating their culture."   "And you can follow it, in Alessian?"   "They have subtitling protocol support, you will hardly miss a thing."   "Hrmmph, still feels like bribery."   "It's mutual bribery, we invite them to a comparable event in Megamisama to compensate."   "Oh, this is all arranged?"   "We're controlling just how much theatre they export, and thrid shows and all. Everyone knows it's almost a weapon of cultural war for them."   "What? But..."   "What's the earliest fairy tale you remember?"   "Princess.. and dragon."   "Then the next?"   "Longhaired Donkshear."   "Notice anything?"   "No."   "What about young adult books?"   "Three cavalliers."   "Notice a pattern?"   "What pattern?"   "All three of the stories you mentioned all happen on Eutebia Island!"   "What, wait, you're right... But... I mean..."   "It's not something they started last year, just to drive home my point. Although, Meihomei is probably only the second Meihomei to actually have a policy to resist and deny it."   "And we're going to participate in this?"   "As ambassador, I welcome their culture, but I know what they expect in return, and I will not give it to them!"   "You're used to this?"   "I've been used to it since before I was Bameimeito, mom kept dragging me around, and I had to make sure not to accept gifts from strangers."   "I guess you can get used to anything."   "Well, I can get used to this..."   "What?"   "Me, you, going to a high society rigmarole,, wearing the finest in Kagomine Fashions, after a nice dinner at Platinum Redoubt. Kanzon said he was getting fresh Truffles."   "Oh you great big dork, you made me blush."   "How did I do that?"   "Even married, that sounds sooo dirty in its implications... I'll never understand how you manage..."   "It's simple, I just always want you..."   "Oh you, come here and give me a kiss..."
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