Pledge of Eurani

Ten men and women milled around this third floor Villa in Carador, Maltiv knew two of them, Juliano "The Brescian" Bres, and Bleg, old adversaries who had become friends, but at what a cost.   Bleg asked I know everyone here, but you, who are you, are you Arndan?"   "I am Arndan, you know of my people as the Moniqan, I traveled here from the great Sook."   "A long journey, and a prestigious location, the Sook sells silk for more than it's weight in gold."   "Yes, yet Hanuman Goguryeo, my Hunarch, may his words bring peace and understanding, values peace and knowledge as much, and finds peace to be good business."   "What? Are our arguments so loud he cannot paper them over with gold?" Bleg always had a provocative turn of phrase, thought Maltiv.   "Customers arguing are a sign a shrewd seller seldom ignores, especially if one is not selling weapons, that is a proverb in Dawn Moniqan."   "And what does your Lord suggest, that he would bring us here together like this?"   "You are powerful in your own lands, six of you are clans'heads, the other powerful merchants, my Lord, as you call him, would have you swear a sacred vow, a writ of peace, a pledge not to war upon another."   "And what benefit is this to him?"   "Customers, and allies should the Handi become as military as your people have."   "The Handi? All the way past Arya and Ramen?"   "Aye, the people of Moniq and Goguryeo would be your allies in truth, and take arms with you to keep your lands safe."


A non-aggression treaty between the early Euran people, backed by the Hunarch of Moniq and Goguryeo, who promised military assistance should the Hand(the people of Handi) invade, but promised non-interference in Eurani affairs. The clauses were not clear if he would take arms to defend Eurani against Eurani, so after the first Moniqan Invasion, the defensive clauses were redacted, and as a backing signatory, but not a pledgee/member, the clauses were found not apply to Moniq.

Document Structure


  1. Preambule, outlining the goal
  2. Articles I: Pact of non-aggression
  3. Articles II: Pact of mutual defense
  4. Articles III: Pact of non-intervention in internal affairs
  5. Articles IV: Status of Non-member signatories
  6. Articles V: Commerce Clauses
  7. Articles VI: Exit clauses, termination clauses, justifiable aggression etc...
  8. Conclusion
  9. Signatures, including seals, titles, etc... (six pages)
Treaty, Diplomatic
Vellum / Skin
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)


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