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The Twins of Fairwyll

The nightmares never ceased for Jack Trade, a young boy who lived on a respectable plot of land with his family. Images of his sister drowning and him dying in an unforgivable bonfire had haunted him since the day he was born. He was a rich boy, though his mother always reminded him to work his fair share. Because his father was never there to be the proper role model. If anything, his father modeled to him the way to abuse a woman.   But nevermind him, he was only home for the evenings.   That left Jack with caring for his mother and sister, he knew they would collapse if he wasn't providing for them emotionally, holding them tight when his father emotionally berated them. That didn't make them weak by any standard. No, on the other hand, Jack's mother was the strongest person he knew. Her job as a fishmonger demanded the extra muscle. And as for where the money came from, it was his twin sister's, Evelyn, skill as a nurse. Though Evelyn was only sixteen, she was indisputably the best healer Jack knew. She mastered biology and everything remotely related to anatomy in school. Academically gifted, she finished school early and got a head start in her career. Meanwhile, Jack was struggling to publish a poem in the local newspaper and received straight B minuses in his classes.   His father's job? He could only guess it to be trying to get laid with the hottest woman in town.   However, she had this chilling habit that Jack could never explain. Some nights, she would wander out after dark, and just stare at the waters. They lived in Fairwyll, a town known for its beaches. Her stare was blank and she was often unmoving. Evelyn would wake from it after Jack would make quite some noise.   Anyway, Jack's nightmares were ceaseless. He had managed to cope with them by now, after sixteen years alive. But tonight's was especially off-putting. He had a sword and a feather in his hands and he stood on the sandy beaches. Tonight, it was dark out and the waves were restless. He stood restless himself, and though Jack could not be sure of what he was angry about, he was shouting at no-one in particular. His face was hot with fury, though Jack felt an inexplicable twinge of sadness. Then, the waves brought a skull to shore. Then a human ribcage. And then the bone of a forearm. Slowly, the waves brought this human skeleton to the once-pleasant beach of Fairwyll.   He collapsed and cried out in despair. When Jack woke, he was screaming. And then a knock sounded on his door.   "Come in."   His mother opened it, obviously in distress. "Where is your sister?"   "I-I don't know. She's probably wandering."   "I checked. She's not out by the water."   Not at all concerned, Jack said, "Alright, let me get dressed and we'll go look for her, alright?"   His mother nodded and shut the door. He could hear her panicky steps out in the living room. She was pacing, which she often did when she was anxious (which happened frequently). And as the morning light streamed in through the window, Jack couldn't help but notice the hairs that stood up on the back of his neck. Without thinking about it, he whispered:   "Please be safe, Evelyn."   And no, she was not safe at all.   ~~~   Many who hear this story wish that Evelyn had not gone out that night and instead stayed in her bedroom. But alas dear readers, this is how the real story went.


After Evelyn Trade disappeared from the Trade home, Jack and his mother searched the town for her. They put up missing posters and combed through the streets, showing pictures of her to strangers in hopes that one would identify her. They never did. When his father was home in the evenings (which was rare), he simply drank himself to sleep or berated Jack and his mother, pitting the blame of Evelyn's disappearance on them.   Jack and his mother had not slept for days. They stayed awake all night, worrying about what Evelyn must be going through. Was she lost and starving in the woods? Had she perhaps been kidnapped, and Evelyn now lived every day in fear?   One restless night, Jack had finally fallen asleep. But when he woke up, he found himself standing in the sand, looking out to the ocean. It was calling to him, and Jack, very confused, called out for Evelyn. Instead of Evelyn appearing, the waves washed a sword ashore. When it was in his hands, it sparked and a flame began to grow. It grew higher and larger until it completely encompassed Jack. He covered his face, and when he peeked he found a series of events told in the flames. Evelyn was battered and wounded, and Jack could not see the abuser. He was furious, and hated the stranger to was doing this to his twin.   Sword in hand, Jack swept Fairwyll  and neighboring cities, looking for Evelyn. He wounded everyone in his path.   What he did not know was that Evelyn was nowhere that Jack find. She was trapped underwater, holding a single feather. She did not know why, she only knew that the feather gave her sustenance. It did not, it only created the illusion that she was not starving and dying of thirst. So there she was, the ocean floor her cradle and the feather her abuser as its aura peeled away at her skin.   Weeks later, Jack was distraught and arrived back at the shore where he first found the sword. He stared at the ocean, maybe trying to fool himself into believing that it had the power to bring Evelyn home.   In response, the waves simply washed the skeleton of a dead girl holding a feather to his feet.   Jack, now furious, picked up the feather. He has forgotten about his poor mother who now lives alone with her cheating and abusing husband. He forgot long ago about the love he had for his mother and sister, the passion he had for his poetry. From now on, his eternal fury will fuel him as he rampages across the beaches of Fairwyll, mortally wounding every child and stranger who stays out too late in Fairwyll.

Historical Basis

There was one Will Lajoie, living in the sixteenth century on the beaches of Fairwyll with his family. Though in the upper class, the Lajoie family worked hard for what they had. Will was a popular merchant at the time, and it is noted that he had a female sister. He and his sister went missing when they were both just fifteen. Several weeks later, the bones of his sister were discovered when they washed ashore on the sandy beaches. Will was never to be seen again in Fairwyll. Will had practically vanished off the face of the earth until a record of one Will Lajoie was found in a poorer Amian city.   Although the author of this tale was never pinpointed, it is heavily speculated that the story of Will Lajoie was a huge inspiration for the Twins of Fairwyll.


This tale is very well known in Fairwyll. Evelyn's horrifying fate and Jack's twisted choices haunt the nightmares of the town's children.

Variations & Mutation

This myth, though originating in Fairwyll, may make an appearance in other towns and cities. The story is kept generally the same, with the only alterations focusing on the setting.

Cultural Reception

The only place that this tale is told is in the town of Fairwyll. Water is a very important part of their lifestyle, especially since Fairwyll is set in a beach. Myths like these help keep children from wandering at night. Though it is usually used to scare children, sometimes the Twins of Fairwyll will make its way into teens' ghost stories.

In Literature

There weren't many spin-offs of the Twins of Fairwyll.

In Art

Few artists have tried to interpret the dreams of Jack as well as the spirit of Evelyn's transformation. This may partially be due to this tale only being told in a select part of Amity (Fairwyll).
Date of Setting
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