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Amitia.   This was a place of great power and even more incredible technology. Its founders wished to find a place in the world that would house future remarkable scientists and their inventions. They wanted a home for all of the philosophers, writers, architects, and more -- creatives who were ahead of their time.   Amitia's feats were undeniable. Hundreds of projects had been pioneered and new territories discovered. The unlocked potential was accessed across the years, and most people lived in bliss. People who knew of Amitia believed their sole purpose was to create a peaceful utopia. Its citizens, however, each had different ideal futures. Most wanted the best for mankind. Each person had different ideas in mind. Naturally, inventions and philosophies clashed with each other. Enemies were made. Trust among the people of Amitia plummeted.   It was only inevitable that Amitia was demolished. Its collapse had been in the making for years. But what had happened in between the years of its creation and its downfall? Step inside, let your curiosity be fed.

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