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Fairwyll was often called the capital of the Art District, and rightfully so. The unique flora and masterfully crafted legends originating from this town were something no other town in the Art District could match.


Fairwyll sits on sandy beaches and overlooks a wonderful view of the ocean.

Fauna & Flora

Being set on the beaches, Fairwyll is known for the various breeds of fish that it holds. Of course, that is not the only thing the town holds. Fairwyll is host to some of the most outlandish flora. Take the Marifleur, for example. After Amity discovered the herbal benefits from marigolds, the scientists genetically enhanced them until its effects were sufficient. The Marifleur was a by-product of this experiment. It did not have the herbal benefits scientists were hoping for and the Marifleur only grew in a select few environments, so they threw it out. The Art District, having seen the gorgeous blooms that the Marifleur produced, bought the seeds from the scientists and began planting Marifleurs all over the Art District. Unfortunately, most of the Marifleurs died out because the Art District was not placed in the environment Marifleurs thrived in. There was one environment that the Marifleurs continued to live in, though. It was in Fairwyll, and up until 2024, Fairwyll was known as the home of the Marifleurs.   Another intriguing flora includes the Lilissica, or the Tuliage. Again, the history of the Tuliage is very similar to the Marifleur, only that the Tuliage grew to become quite popular in Amity due to its wonderful blooms and the nutritious greens it provided. The Tuliage is known for having cabbage-like greens at the base and tulip-like flowers. Its greens are popular in sandwiches, salads, and soups.   Plenty more flora populate Fairwyll, and these two are only a tiny sample of Fairwyll's magnificent flora.


Visitors rest their heads in the hotels that overlook the shore. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why people visit Fairwyll, since there is so much to offer. People looking for a summer vacation will flee to Fairwyll to play on its beaches. People fascinated by its history and culture will spend days here to listen to tales like The Twins of Fairwyll told by its locals. People yearning for a bit of color in their lives may flock to the unique parks that hold exquisite beauties such as the famous Marifleurs.   Whatever the cause to visit is, tourists will not be let down during their visit. Having seen the countless tourists enter their town, Fairwyll's job market grew to offer plenty of hospitality jobs.   The cuisines of Fairwyll are nothing to scoff at either, their seafood is among the best in Amity. Tourists will be fascinated by the fresh fish that arrive at their table.
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