The Metaspiracy

It's all connected. Everything is connected.  
— K-Wolfe, Conspirologist
  Inventing conspiracy theories has become a thriving cottage industry, fueled in equal parts by a desperate need to feel important, wild speculation, exaggerated extrapolation, and crazy. Some conspiracies stand the test of time and live to become part of the colorful tapestry of ideas that is the conspiracy theory world.  
And every now and then, one of them turns out to be true.
  The Metaspiracy started as an attempt to track and catalog the various conspiracies when the researchers started to see connections - how one lead into another. The more connections they found, the more they saw. With that, the Metaspiracy was born, an attempt at a grand unified theory for all conspiracy theories, one to explain every single conspiracy and how they relate.   Reactions have been... Mixed, to say the least.  


To have even the faintest hope of understanding what the hell they're talking about, you have to learn Conspiraspeak - the language of conspiracy theories.   Conspiraspeak is a mix of coded phrases, confusing terms, and wild gesticulation. In written form, capitalizing random words or other crimes against formatting is common. I mean, COMMON.    
by The Matrix

Who Believes This Stuff?

Almost everyone in the Megacorpolis buys into one conspiracy theory or another, ranging from benign to destructive. With so many secrets and so much power in the hands of a few, people try to make sense of the world - and for some, that means blaming aliens.   The Metaspiracy is a few layers deeper than chemtrails and chupacabras, though. Without knowing something about everything, the whole thing just looks like a kaleidoscope of madness... Which isn't really too far from the truth.

Well, What Have They Found?

Mostly, that people who disagree with them are probably plants, or misinformed, or sheeple. Besides that, it's hard to tell. The core of the Metaspiracy is that there's a logic (if you can call it that) to how every theory is connected to the other, that they're all real.   That makes for some pretty impressive mental acrobatics since many conspiracies directly contradict each other (as well as observable reality) in ways that would seem to make them mutually exclusive. So, the Metaspirists have to find an explanation for every one of 'em.


by It's Always Sunny In Phiadelphia

  In the Conspiracy community, there's considerable controversy about the Metaspiracy, usually about how their own pet theory is depicted in it. Though the original creators have abandoned the project, others have picked up the torch. There's dozens of Metaspiracy spin-offs, each one focusing more on one thing (aliens!) versus another (psychic powers!), with each of them spending most of their time arguing with one another.   The original Metaspiracy is still maintained, more out of sheer bloody-minded stubbornness than anything else. It's become a virtual warzone, where internet warriors proselytize for their theory or against another, where edits are done and undone, sources cited, and refuted. It's a real fun place to be.  
Of course, there's those who think the Metaspiracy itself is a conspiracy - a tool to turn the conspiracy community against itself. But let's be real, they didn't need any help there.

Cover image: by Rob Treen


Author's Notes

HUGE THANK YOU TO STORMBRIL, THE MOST AMAZING PERSON EVER, FOR DOING THAT AMAZING CONSPIRACY BOARD!   Please go check out his awesome work of Cathedris here: and leave him nice comments because look at that amazing thing!

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